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How to tell if your husband doesn't love you?

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2007-07-01 04:09:44

The best way to tell if your husband loves you is if he shows

you respect. He and you are allowed to get angry every once in

awhile, but if it happens all the time, it's time to take stock of

your situation and make a plan to address it. All marraiges go

through ups and downs, but if there are patterns of behavior that

have changed dramatically, you need to discuss them with him and

come to some agreements, maybe even some compromise. It is also

important to consider if you love him and if your behavior has

changed or if there has been some trigger event to ignite these

feelings for you. A loving relationship is hard work and while it

is easy to judge or question another person's love for you, it is

equally important that you feel you are worth being loved. If there

is something he has said or done that leads you to believe he

doesn't love you, stop and think about how this fits into his

behavior overall. If there is something blatant or serious that has

happened, you are the best judge. Listen to your gut and if it

still bothers you tomorrow, prepare your thoughts and talk with him

about it. If you aren't ready to discuss this with him, write down

your thoughts so you can prepare to discuss your relationship in a

mature way. Make sure he is well rested and approach him lovingly,

not with blame or neediness. Last and most importantly, take a look

at your self-esteem and find ways to bolster it so that you aren't

seeking rejection or relying on your total happiness through his

love for you. Know that we have all been there at one time or

another in our lives and that by reaching out, even through an

online service, you are taking mature responsibility for your

feelings. That is a person worth being loved. Good luck.

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