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the wheels spin slower than usuall, or they dont spin very smoothly

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Would bad front wheel bearings prevent a transmission from shifting?

No, bad front wheel bearings would not prevent a transmission from shifting. If your car has bad front wheel bearings you will notice wheel noise or wheel looseness.

How can you tell if your wheel bearings are bad?

Noise is the most telltale sign of bad wheel bearings. Specifically, a rumbling or growling noise while the car is moving, often louder during turns at a low speed, indicates that the bearings need repair or replacement.

How do you know your wheel bearings are going bad?

you hear a sound from the wheel

How can you tell if you have a bad wheel bearing and what happens if it goes out?

I just had one replaced on my 98 Malibu i took it to the shop because it was starting to handle bad around corners Bad wheel bearings usually make noise. Bearings don't usually just 'go out' they progressively get nosier and worse. If your bearings are making noise, you should have a mechanic check them out.

Will your brakes go to the floor if wheel bearings are bad?


What is a bad wheel baring?

About $500 to replace. They keep your wheel on. If your wheel bearings break off your wheel falls off.

What are the symptoms of a wheel bearing going bad?

worn or bad wheel bearings will make noise (grinding, humming, etc)

What causes a car to drift right then left?

Bad wheel bearings

How do you know if the noise is bad wheel bearings?

The way to tell if you have a bad wheel bearing is when you are driving and go into a hard corner. The wheel that is on the inside of the corner stops making a humming noise. I just replaced my Driver Rear bearing on my 2004 VW Gti

Do the front wheel bearings make sound like truck tires a hum?

yes they sound like 4 wheel drive mud tires when bad you can tell what side is bad by turning the wheel slightly to the left and then right while going straight

Can you take your vehicle to the shop one month and they tell youn there is absolutely nothing wrong with the vehicle and one month later your bearings have now gone bad.?

Bearings where, motor, wheel ? In either case, they can go bad that quickly and without notice. Sometimes things just happen. Engine bearings go almost immediately with no oil. Blocked oil passage or bad oil pump will do it. A wheel bearing can have been dry for a while without making noise and then seize up. You could also be being scammed. Engine bearings will knock if only a little bad and a wheel bearing will squeal or lock the wheel.

Why does the Transmission axle seal leak on a 95 maxima?

bad wheel bearings, or bad seal.

What if you dont fix bad wheel bearings on a Windstar?

If you don't replace bad wheel bearings they will seize up and break your drive axle. It would be cheaper to replace them as soon as possible.See "Related Questions" below for detailed procedures for replacing Windstar wheel bearings - really not a terrible job to do.

How can you tell when your wheel bearings need replacing?

You can tell when your wheel bearings need replacing is when they are making unusual noises. For example: squealing, groaning, chirping or cracking noises. If this happens, get it checked out right away.

Why does the steering wheel vibrate when braking?

You possibly have warped brake rotors on the front. Or Bad Wheel Bearings.

What are bad wheel bearings on a 1992 Ford Escort?

The same as they are on any car - bearings that have begun to develop play or roughness.

Can bad wheel bearings ruin rotors?

It's posible, but not hugely likely.

What happens when Wheel Bearings go bad?

The wheel will begin to wobble and can eventually fall off if you don't get it fixed.

In a Pontiac grand am how do you know which front wheel bearing is bad?

Grand Ams eat wheel bearings, if one is bad you might as well replace both of them as the other will go out in a month or so, I had a 94 and replaced 6 wheel bearings in that car in 113,000 miles.

How do you change the front wheel bearings on a 2002 Chevy 3500 truck?

sorry to have to tell you this but the bearings are part of the wheel hub and sealed within. you need to change the entire hub. $$$$$$$

Front wheel on the drivers side is leaning outward?

Bad ball bearings. Check to see the bearings and the casing does not need to be replaced.

Can a whining while driving be cause by something other then bad wheel bearings?

Could be the carrier bearings or pinion bearings in the differential(s). Mine was the wife and kids.

How can you tell if Odyssey front wheel bearings are bad How do you replace odyssey front wheel bearings?

If a bearing is bad, You will hear a whining noise from the bad bearing. Try to listen if it is up front or back. The noise will get louder as you go faster. Turn left and right to determine what side the bad bearing is on. If you turn left and the noise gets louder, the right bearing is bad, turn right and the noise gets louder, the left bearing is bad.

Should front wheel bearings be replaced in pairs?

Always replace inner and outer wheel bearings on the same wheel at the same. You don't necessarily have to replace the bearings in both wheels at the same time, though it's not a bad idea, but always inner and outer on the same wheel at the same time.

Why would rotors go bad twice in one year?

How are your calipers an wheel bearings looking. i had a bad wheel bearing and actually blew and warped my rotor.

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