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it would help if you had a little more information to give us. I also have an 89 Honda Civic. I had a problem with it starting a few months ago. I solved my problem by replacing the Main relay under the dash i think it cost about 30 bucks and it was a little hard to get to but it helped mine. best of luck

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โˆ™ 2009-07-09 16:46:24
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Q: How to trableshoot 1989 Honda Civic ignition system?
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Honda civic key codes?

is key code located on ignition switch of 97 honda civic

What is p1337 manufacturer control ignition system or misfire on Honda civic 2000 SI?

csf sensor no signal

Where is the ignition module on a 1995 Honda civic DX?

the ignition module is located in the distributor

How do you replace ignition switch on 1995 Honda Civic?

How do replace the ignition switch on 1995 Honda Civic EX with a manual tranny. I was wondering if it is pretty much the same as the 1995 Accord.

Does 2008 Honda civic have push button ignition?


Where is the ignition coil in a 1992 Honda civic?

It is inside the distributor.

Where is the ignition coil on a 1991 Honda civic?

Its inside the distributor.

How do you know if a Honda Civic ignition module is bad?

Take it to AutoZone, and they can test it

What is the ignition timing for a 1999 Honda Civic LX?

12º BTDC .......+ or - 2º

How do you replace the ignition coil on a 94 Honda Civic?

its inside the distributor cap

How do you change the ignition switch on your Honda Civic Ex 1.6L 2 door car?

The Honda Civic 1.6 liter engine ignition switch is held in with a retaining ring. Unscrew the retaining ring. Pull the ignition switch out. Remove the wiring harness from the back of the ignition switch. Reverse the process to install the new ignition switch.

How do you test a1992 Honda civic ignition?

where the key goes or the whole starting system? if it's where the key goes .does the key go in and turn freely, or is there a hang up, if not it's not the ignition. what is it doing?


The same parts and systems can be used to repair the exhaust on both a 2001 Honda Civic LX and 2001 Honda Civic EX. Both versions of the Honda Civic require a cat-back system.

Where is the ignition coil on a 1998 Honda Civic LX?

The ignition coil on a 1998 Honda Civic LX is located under the distributor cap. The distributor is on the passenger side of the motor and has wires running from it to each spark plug. it is usually plastic.

How do you replace the ignition lock cylinder on a 2004 Honda civic?

The ignition lock switch is found under the steering column on a 2004 Honda Civic. Remove the steering column and ignition switch. Loosen the mounting screws that hold the cylinder in place. Pull and replace the lock cylinder.

What to do if my 2003 Honda civic won't start after fixing the ignition clyinder?

Give it to the repairer

You lost your only ignition key to your 1998 Honda Civic What are your options?

lock smith

Why does my Honda Civic starter whines after ignition?

Its broken, take it to the nearest car shop

My 1991 Honda civic cranks but won't start?

ignition coil! mine did the same

Why does Honda Civic 2008 not start once key is in ignition?

but will second time start.

Why is a Honda Civic called a Honda Civic?

cause its a civic that Honda makes

Blower motor relay switch Honda civic?

The blower motor relay switch in the Honda Civic is located at the center of the engine closest to the firewall. The relay is engaged when the ignition is turned to the on position.

Why would a key not turn in the ignition of a 2003 Honda civic?

You must push key and turn.

Your Honda civic shuts off when I drive in the rain?

Moisture related problems occur in the ignition system. The distributor as well as the internal iginition coil need to be tested.

Will 98 Honda Civic seats fit a 93 Honda Civic?

Will a Honda civic seat fit a 93 Honda accord.