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How to unlock engine?

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Depends on what caused the engine to lock up. Most of the time a locked up engine is very serious and will require disassembly.

2006-08-25 14:26:21
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Q: How to unlock engine?
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How do you unlock and engine?

you go into your car and unlock it

How do you beat Mario Kart wii?

You have to unlock every staff ghosts, unlock every characters, unlock every karts and bikes, unlock every cups in all of the engine classes, get all the cups at least one star or more, and also unlock mirror and win that engine class.

How to unlock a Chevy engine?

Tear it dowm and rebuild.

How can you get the engine unlock code for your Mitsubishi galant ES 2001 model?

You can get the engine unlock code for your Mitsubishi Galant ES 2001 model by accessing the computer at the dealership. This computer unlocks the entire engine and computer on the car.

How do you unlock new tracks on burnout 3 ps2?

you have to need the cheat engine to unlock new tracks on burnout 3

How do you unlock a 4.6 l ford engine?

Unlock? You'd have to be more specific about what the exact problem is. As is, we're not sure what you mean.

How Do you unlock a 96 Chrysler Town and country van engine?

A locked up engine will need overhauled or replaced.

How do you unlock car when battery dies?

you use the key that you start the engine with

How do you unlock Saturn's engine?

A locked up enguine cannot be unlocked

How do you unlock a Kia Sorento engine?

Take it to the KIA dealer, or a mechanic.

How do you unlock a 300 turbo z engine that locked up because of no oil?

The engine will require an overhaul or replacement.The engine will require an overhaul or replacement.

What performance parts do you unlock and at what mileage in Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3?

around 1249 mileage you unlock engine swap and the level 9 engine, the rest of the parts are unlocked when you beat certain bosses or level up.

Why does the boot unlock on your car when you start the engine?

Are you pressing the "unlock boot switch" on your key as you turn it in the ignition? Might seem a daft question, but it happens!

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You unlock items in the shops by levelling up. To level up, you should play the puzzles at Puzzle Palace often.

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it is get a life and use a better search engine.

Will diesel fuel in seized cylinders unlock the engine?

It might and I have done this, but even if it does the engine will need to be disassembled for repair, this just makes it much easier.

How do you unlock a seized engine?

If its that far gone just buy a new car, that's why they call it a siezed engine cause it ain't moving you no further...

How fast can a Honda Civic go?

It can go upto 182 km/h.It is the ENGINE LOCK SPEED.The engine is locked and if you unlock it,then it can go to its speed.(240)

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Is there a cheat to unlock the fire engine job in city driver?

no there isn't it is not fair but you need a lot of expierence

How do you unlock the engine swap on drag racer v3?

Beat the first 30 cars in single races.

How do you unlock the first level on Mario kart wii?

The first few levels are unlocked at the start. To unlock later levels, achieve a medal in all prior levels at one engine class.

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Why did engine stall at stop sign and would not restart with engine at normal temperature with adequate fuel available.?

the engine locks up at about 50 or 60km and sometimes it doesn't unlock. you have to take out that sensor I believe it's the torque converter.

Remote start a Scion tC?

AnswerTry on the remote, UNLOCK + LOCK + LOCK. That should do it. After the car starts, just UNLOCK + UNLOCK to unlock all doors. Once you get in (without pressing pedals), just put key in and TURN to ON. Do not turn to START or you will attempt to start an already running engine. Not all Scion tC's come with this feature though. You may need to have andafter-market one installed.orThe remote engine starter is operated by pushing the `lock` button on the keyless entry fob in a quick, three-step sequence: (1) push and release `lock` button; (2) push and release `lock` button again; (3) then push and hold `lock` button for three seconds-and the engine starts. The engine can also be stopped remotely by pushing the `unlock` button once, or by pushing and holding the lock button for two seconds or more.