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go to a ds download station. go to ds download play and if Nintendo ds browser tap it with the stylis and click download. hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

go to a ds download station. go to ds download play and if Nintendo ds browser tap it with the stylis and click download. hope this helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Q: How to use the Nintendo DS browser?
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Is there internet on the Nintendo DS?

Use Nintendo DS Browser. An Opera Internet Service. Or use wi-fi

Can you use the m3 ds real rumble pack for the Nintendo ds browser?


How can you get Google on your Nintendo ds lite?

get the Nintendo ds internet browser

What is Nintendo DS lite browser?

its an Internet browser for the Nintendo DS Lite (you can also get aversion for NintendoDS) it is integrated in the Nintendo DSi

How do you surf the web with a Nintendo DS?

You need the Nintendo DS Browser and Wifi access.

How do you watch videos on the Nintendo DS Browser?

You can not, as the Nintendo DS Browser does not support Flash or any other plugin used to show video.

Nintendo DS browser?

a Nintendo ds browser is a internet browser witch you can go on the internet with but using a Nintendo ds. but you need:a wifi conector or a wireless internet witch is compadible with a Nintendo dsThey don't make it anymore but soon a new version will come out for the DSi

How do you download firefox on ds browser?

you can't, nintendo has restricted it to using only their browser.

Is it possible to use a NIntendo DS to get your email?

Yes -- with additional purchase, the DS has a web browser that can be used to check web-based email.

What is the DS Web Browser?

The Nintendo DS Web Browser is a special version of the Opera Web Browser, developed in conjunction with Nintendo. There are different versions for the Original DS and DS Lite (both of which require special RAM expansion packs), and the DSi, which is available through the DSi Store.

How can you get on the computer from the Nintendo DS?

On the regular Nintendo DS, you cannot go on the Internet Browser. However, on the newly released Nintendo DSI, you are able to browse the net.

Where is the Nintendo DS browser available at?

Anywhere where there's video games.

Can Nintendo DS games be used in a wii?

no you can only use Nintendo games on Nintendo ds/Nintendo ds lite.

Can you get Google on your Nintendo DS?

There is a 'Nintendo DS Internet Browser' that you can use to access the internet (and Google). I have it, and it's very slow, but it still works. There are specific versions for the DS and DS Lite, as the memory expansion packs are different sizes. However, the original DS version works on DS Lite.

Can you use Nintendo DS games in a dsi?

yes you can use Nintendo ds games in a dsi

Nintendo DS internet browser password hack?

i'm sorry but there is'nt

Does Nintendo DS lite and Nintendo DS use the same games?


How do you get surf the internet on Nintendo ds lite?

You have to buy a browser thing for it. You can get one for around 30 dollars.It will come with instructions.Type "Nintendo Ds Lite browser on your search engine to find out more! you can get an r4 for the ds and then u can download games from the internet. When you get the r4 you can get a browser for it that runs off the r4

Where can you get a web browser and expansion pack for the Nintendo DS lite?

you cant its only for Nintendo dsi and dsi XL

Can you use Nintendo DS lite accessories on the old Nintendo DS?

yes you can don't worry. you cannot use the ds lite charger on the ds.

Can you use Nintendo DS without a battery?

No, you will need a battery to play on the Nintendo DS.

Can you Skype people through the Nintendo DS?

No, you cannot use Skype on the Nintendo DS

Can you use a DS R4 for the DSi?

No, the R4 for the Nintendo DS will not work on the Nintendo DSi

How do you browse the internet on a Nintendo DS?

The only way to browse the internet is to purchase a Nintendo DS 'Opera Browser" cartridge and load it into your handheld, just as you would do to a game.

How can you get the Internet on a Nintendo DS?

On the DS or DS Lite, the only way to access an internet browser is to buy the software for it. On the DSi, it comes with an internet browser. If you mean WiFi, then you must have a WEP security encryption.