How to write a change of business ownership letter?

There are two types of letter to announce new ownership of a business.

A letter to suppliers and the business's financial associates.
Using a standard business letter format, the body of the letter will be more formal and concise:
  • In the first paragraph, state the reason for writing, "We are writing to advise you of a change in the ownership of XYZ Company at 50 South North Street."
  • In the second paragraph, provide the names and contact information for the people that suppliers/banks/etc. should contact to conduct business with the new ownership. Include any other information that may be required for these entities to continue doing business with the new ownership. If there are no internal changes within the operation of the business, say that.
  • In the third paragraph, tell the suppliers/banks/etc. that you look forward to a continued association with these business. Thank them for their ongoing support.

A letter to the client/customer list or a general mailing list if the business (a local shop/store, service provider, etc.) does business with a community in general.
  • In the first paragraph, state the reason for writing, "We are pleased to announce that XYZ Company at 50 South North Street is now under new ownership."
  • Begin the second paragraph with something like, "We look forward to providing you/the community with (name products or services)." Give a positive statement on the new management's goal of providing the best possible products/services for "you". Include any other positive message that the management wishes to portray to their clients/community.
  • Close by stating the you look forward to continuing to do business with/support the efforts of this business's valued clients/customers. The manner and content of these statements should be appropriate for the type of clients/customers that support this business.