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How to you feed an 8 gauge power cable from the trunk to the battery in your 1990 Honda Civic LX?


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2015-07-16 19:29:17
2015-07-16 19:29:17

i don't know that it will be the same for you but i have a 94 Honda civic LX and i ran the stereo wire with the back seat down tucked it into the back seat and then down under the running pannels on the floor when you get to the seatbelt bracket go behind and underneath it then continue on until it ends half way up the front passenger door run up over the door hinge and there is a hole through the quarter pannel into the hood the battery is right there again this was for my 94 but im sure there similar

Instead of running it through the quarter panel if you look on the firewall on the passenger side there should be a hole where you can run the wire through. There might be a plug there so just poke a hole to put your wire through it. It hides your wire more and looks a lot more neat.


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if the Honda civic dx is a 92-95 then yes.

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Yes it can with rewiring the blue and green harness plug pins.

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OEM size is 4 gauge. I would buy a 2 gauge if you can. Just measure the old cable to know the length.

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The engine is getting to hot in your 2002 Honda Civic for the temperature gauge to rise above normal. The back of fan might be failing.

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If you are referring to the main battery cable use 00 guage cable.

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