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I've been told that if you disconnect the battery terminals 24 hrs. When you reconnect them it is supposed to reset the the system. You'll just have to redue your presets on your radio.

taking the negative pole for at least one hour will reset your ecm and will turn off the light. If you have performed a throttle cleaning, the mass airflow sensor might have gone bad and will start the light again. You can take it to Advance auto and they will read the codes. mine read p0300 for random cylinder misfire and p0507 for idle control system, this latest mean that the car is idleling higher than 750/900 shich is supposed to be the apprx correct. This is a very common situation in this car. Otherwise you should be good to go. good luck.

Service engine soon and service vehicle soon are two different animals. The former means there is an emission related problem. Unless the cause of the problem is fixed, the light will return just like a stain will show after it is painted. The latter needs to have the body control module accessed to find it's problem.

I had a similar problem--and noticed in the manual that the light may stay on even when service is not needed. It is caused by the gas cap not properly sealing. I opened the gas cap and resealed it and instructed by the manual and no more problems!

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Q: How to you turn off the service engine soon light in a 2002 Altima after service has been done?
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