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If I remember correctly, the fuel filter is underneath the right side of the car in the fuel line. Run the car up on some ramps and look along the fuel line and you should see it. It makes a mess to change since gasoline leaks all over the place and you so wait until you clean up before taking a smoke break. VBD I forgot to add, do this outside, this is not an in the garage project. VBD If you use ramp (which I found not be totally necessary) please block the rear wheels. Next right under the passenger side door you should be able the find the fuel filter in the fuel line. Remove the bolt securing the filter the frame. This will give you little room to work. This is the messy part that guy talked about. Again safety first wear safety glasses, or really watch your eyes. Use a deep drip pan to catch the gas (something you would use in the sink to wash dishes works well) Carefully remove the clips from the line to the filter. Snap the new one on, bolt it back up, clean up, and go have that smoke!

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Q: How tochange the fuel filter on a 1991 Chevy caprice?
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