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A Tornado At Sea would be Called a waterspout.

There are two types of waterspout.

Tornadic waterspouts form the same way as normal tornadoes do, only the form on or move onto water. For information on this, see the ling to the related question below.

The second and more common type of waterspouts are fair weather waterspouts which are typically weaker than ordinary tornadoes.

They typically form from developing thunderstorms over relatively water mater. They start when the water is warmer than the air above it and warms the layer just above the surface. This warm, moist air will tend to rise, and, if there is surface-level vorticity in the area may start to rotate. As this spinning updraft matures it can connect to the updraft the feeds a developing storm above it and further intensify to from a waterspout.

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Q: How tornadoes happen at sea?
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