How urea is produced?

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its created by the kidneys in the excretory system

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Q: How urea is produced?
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Urea is produced by the and excreted by the?

Urea is produced by the liver and is excreted by the kidneys as a part of urine.

Where is urea produced?


What is urea produced from?

It is from urine.

Is a synthetically produced urea organic or inorganic?

Urea is organic regardless of how it is produced. Its chemical formula is: CO(NH2)2

What is produced by the kidneys?

urea not that this is NOT urine

In which excretory organ is urea produced?


How is urea excreted?

As you might expect, urea is produced in the kidneys and excreted as urine through the bladder.

What excretory organs get rid of urea?

They kidneys get rid of the urea produced by the liver. The skin also excretes a small amount of urea in the sweat.

What substance does liver change into urea?

Urea is produced in the liver and is a metabolite of amino acids. Excess ammonium ions are also converted to urea.

Urea is produced in the process of detoxifying?

Lactic acid

Produced by the liver during protein catabolism?


What is a waste product produced in the liver from the breakdown of proteins?


What is Produced by kidney in a response to low blood pressure?


Is a naturally produced urea organic or inorganic?

It is organic however it is produced. That is because it is a carbon compound.

What is urea in the urine?

Urea is a waste product produced by the body, which it needs to get rid of, and it does that through the kidneys, by excreting urea in urine (NH2)2CO... It comes from the breakdown of Amino Acids.

What is the common waste substance in urine that is produced from protein digestion?


What gas is produced when urea and soda lime reacts?

carbon dioxide

How does the circulatory system assist the excretory system in removing urea?

Urea is produced by the liver and released into the blood, which transports it to the kidneys to be filtered.

What is the difference between urea and urine?

Urea is a chemical compound produced by the kidneys and excreted as one of the components of urine. Urine is mostly water.

Where in the body and from what compound is urea produced?

liver. Urea comes from the breakdown of proteins ultimately. But there are lots of conversions along the way between amino acids. Ammonia is one of the nitrogen donors to make urea

How is the urea made in the human body?

Urea is made in the body by the liver, it is a by product produced in the process of removing ammonia, Ammonia is extremely toxic for the human body. Urea is then excreted from the blood filtered through the kidneys.

In which organ of the human body is urea produced as a result of the breakdown of amino acids?

the liver

The amino acid molecules used in the production of urea by the liver are produced by the catabolism of?


What waste is produced when amino acids are broken down?

Carbon Dioxide is released.

What is urea and how is it formed?

Previous INCORRECT answer: "Urea is a form of protein produced by the kidneys." There are 2 things wrong with this statement. #1 - Not a protein. #2 - Not produced by kidneys Urea is not a protein at all. It's a nitrogenous waste compound produced in the liver. Ammonia is a toxic compound produced during protein-catabolism. The body gets rid of this toxin by coupling it with CO2, water, and some other biological agents to form urea. The kidney's do not make urea. They only filter it out of the blood, then store it in the bladder for excretion as urine. Disruption to this system can cause conditions like hyperuremia and gout. Just to add that if answering an exam question, you would need to say that Urea is a breakdown of amino acids by deamination in the Liver.