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President Wison may have thought so, but most American voters simply thought they were fighting for the right not to be pushed around by Germany. Hence the speed with which Wilson fell out of favour once the war was over.

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What is a valid assumption?

When someone calls a statement a "valid assumption" they mean that it is probably true.

Is the statement P q valid?

No, it is not valid because there is no operator between P and q.

How to summarize the difference between a hasty generalization and a valid generalization?

A faulty generalization is a statement that's not true while a valid generalization is a true statement.

What statement is not a valid description or definition of knowledge?

"Knowledge is a small village in Norway." is not a valid definition of the word.

The dissent from Puritanism was as important in the formation of New England as Puritanism itself How valid is this statement?

Not very valid. Puritanism has not had a massive baring on a world religious scale however thanks to their prosecution in Britain they fled to America and co-founded New England thus making your statement inaccurate.

How do you defend a ticket for not having a valid NC license but a valid foreign country license accepted in NC?

If it is legally valid, then simply restate the above statement in court.

Can a coefficient of a exponent be negative?

Yes, -4x2 is a valid mathematical statement.

Which generalization about democracy is most valid?

democratic governments protect basic civil liberties

What generalization about democracy is most valid?

Democratic governments protect basic civil liberties

Suicide among older person isn't concern is this statement valid?


What is a valid statement about rock formation?

Sedimentary rocks form the same as they did in the past.

What makes a statement valid?

in order to be a correct sentence, it needs a subject and a verb.

A valid statement concerning the caste system in India is that it has?

1. been weakened by urbanization

A valid statement about technology in the 20th century is that technology has?

accelerated the pace of cultural diffusion

What could be a valid conclusion from the following given statement If two angles are supplementary then the sum of their measures is 180 are supplementary?

A valid conclusion would be that a tautology is true.

Which is a valid conclusion about the development of democracy in Great Britain?

The power of the monarchy declined over a long period of time

To what extent was the era of good feelings a valid statement?

Until Jefferson kept dissapointing his citizens

Doctrine of equity by virtue evolution describe as a child valid is the above statement?


What is the definition of conclusion in science terms?

Conclusion is the ultimate statement on a scientific research, although it is valid or not.

What statement is a valid generalization about the geography of Africa?

The continent of Africa has diverse resources and topography. 100000% CORRECT

Which is a valid statement about leisure activities during the late 1800s?

increased amounts of leisure time and money

Which is a valid statement about the role of religion in modern India?

religious beliefs and social structures are closely related

What is a good example of a non valid generalization?

Everyone with red hair is a criminal. This is a blanket statement that has no basis in fact.

Assume that these two statements are true All Mots are nice Bill is a Mot The statement Bill is Nice is?


What statement is valid about computer program?

1kb=1024 bytes or 1mb=2048bytes or 1mb=1000kilobytes or1kb=1000bytes