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Before trying to invade Britain, Germany bombed the heck out of them. They never got to invade Britain. Britain never gave up. Germany tried to bomb Britain so they would give up and make it easy to invade.

AnswerThe country lost its great power status and its empire. Financially, the war was ruinous for Britain, which became heavily indebted to the U.S. (The last instalment of the last loan was repaid in 2006). However, it can be argued that the country preserved its integrity.

Other European countries also emerged weakened from WW2. Britain has still not found a role for itself ...

Britain was tired and financially bankrupt after nearly 6 years of war, and unlike many nations including West Germany the UK's recovery was slow. Food rationing continued until 1954, for example.

The World War 2 had many affects, for instance, one of the excruciating affects was the fact that millions of people died all over the world - this was a major affect in which involved the whole world, including the Germans and their allies.

It put many lives into danger and everyone was scared. Most people thought that they would die. It severely frightened billions of innocent people.
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Q: How was Britain affected by World War 2?
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Britain and Germany were effected because they were at war against each other.

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my but

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Clement Atlee was the Prime Minister of Great Britain at the start of World War 2.

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The war affected London and the United Kingdom in 1940. The early days had the Battle of Dunkirk, Battle of Britain and the Blitz bombing of London.

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In both.

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In Britain in World War 2 tea was available but rationed.

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Apparently they didn't, because World War 2 DID happen.

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