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How was Bulgaria involved in World War 2?

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June 07, 2017 9:33PM

It was with the Axis and invaded the Kingdom of Yugoslavia

Hitler promised them parts of Macedonia (up to the City of Ohrid, the other third it was promised to Albania), Serbia and Greece

the Macedonians/Yugoslavians managed to liberate Vardar MAcedonia(Republic of Macedonia) but not Pirin Macedonia

MACEDONIA: was occupied by Bulgaria in 1941. The Bulgarian anti-Jewish laws were applied to the 15,500 Jews in the area shortly after. In 1941, the Germans made an agreement with the Bulgarian government to deport the Macedonian Jews to concentration camps. Only 200 survived the war

The 48,398 Jews in Bulgaria were saved from deportations to Poland in 1941. The Bulgarian parliament voted against the order, and no Bulgarian Jews were deported to the gas chambers. But later they were assimilated and most of its Turkish popultion was deported to Turkey or assimilated in the Soviet era.