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they sold it to the us

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France and the United States. The United States bought Louisiana from France.

The United States of America and France.

George Washington was not involved with the Louisiana Purchase.

The Louisiana was bought from France.

Thomas Jefferson, Napoleon, James Madison, France and United states

louisiana purchase was from france

how much land was involved with the Louisiana Purchase

The US bought the Louisiana purchase from France in 1803.

It is called this because France named the big chunk of land they own Louisiana. Hence the, Louisiana.

Paris, France Paris, France

AMERICA purchased louisiana in 1803

Napoleon was the French ruler (and emperor) at the time of the Louisiana Purchase.

The U.S. didnt purchase Louisiana Territory from Britain they purchased it from France!!

Jefferson purchased the Louisiana area from a country, France.

The French never puchased Louisiana. But France did SELL it to the US in 1803.

This is true. The United States purchased Louisiana from France as part of the Louisiana Purchase.

The final transfer from the Louisiana purchase from Spain to France were Nov 30, 1803, and from France to the US on Dec 20, 1803

Jefferson bought the territory from France.

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