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Hawaii's island Oahu had a very large port where many large naval ships were harbored. So if Japan could manage a surprise attack on this they could destroy the US naval power. Japan did achieve the surprise attack but did not wipe out its navy. Hawaii's location was basically in the middle between Japan and the US. So if Japan was able to destroy the battleships and aircraft carriers that were suppose to be stationed in Pearl Harbor, nothing would stop them from takin over island after island until it reached Hawaii. And from here they could bomb the Western coast for preperation of an ivasion. But an invasion of America would never be succesful.

Submitted by Mark Webb St. Louis, Missouri

Hawaii is strategic with respect to the United States since it forms a vital connection for resupply of even more remote outposts of the empire. Wake Island, Johnston Atoll, Guam, American Somoa, and the Phillipines. Remember, amatures study tactics, professionals study logistics. The Japanese failed to grasp that the port was only attacked and damaged. They utterly failed to render any significant lasting damage to the port itself. They lacked the resources to capture, let alone hold the entire Hawaiian Island Chain. Unable to accomplish a denial of use, the Japanese could only gain a tactical reduction in the effectiveness of Pearl Harbor. The port was never rendered unuseable.

Although Admiral Kimmel and General Short were At Fault by failing to implement accepted techniques for early warning and reaction. Admiral Kimmel did immediately launch a rescue effort for Wake Island. Only his removal upset this plan, and his even more incompetent and weaker successor backed out and left the troops on Wake to fight to virtually the death. Failure to act in support of Wake Island may have been a missed opportunity to inflict an early defeat on Japan.

In that the out-posts of the United States were thereafter left to their own devices, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor may be considered a Strategic Success, albeit a temporary one.

The entire thought process of the Japanese in launching an attack on the Americans was enigmatic. A process where by you induced your most powerful potential foe in to direct combat with an unfounded belief in the vunerablity of their will, is a bit close to idiotic and indictative of Japanese arrogance. It was also illogical in that Japan really did not have to go to war with the United States. Japan received oil from Stalin throughout the war until the final weeks.

Most Americans have been taught that Japan surrendered because we droped the atomic bombs. That's not the case, the Japanese militarists only conceeded defeat to the United States after Russia declared war. Japanese extreamists couldn't care less about their own people. They only realized that Japan was not only going to lose the war, but that if they fought on they would likely lose parts of the home Islands to the Russians. They knew Uncle Joe would never give them back. That's the only reason Japan surrendered.

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Q: How was Hawaii's geographic location a strategic element of the Pearl Harbor attack?
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