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How was Hitler and his people was like?

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Hitler's health deteriorated, his people were obedient (to generalise).

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it was more like people did what they did because they thought that Hitler would like it.

he was racist to the people how did not like

he is not like Hitler its called racism

No, George Bush didn't kill millions of people like Hitler did.

No, most people didnt, especially Hitler. Hitler absolutely HATED communists.

Most people don't like Hitler, only neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan members like him.

Hitler wanted his people to be of Aryan race, with blonde hair and blue eyes.

There where millions of people that didn't like Hitler, it wasn't just Jews that died in the camps, it was all of the Jews and all of the people who didn't like him, all of the people who where brave enough to stand up against him.

Hitler did not bother to keep a list of enemies. He simply killed people he did not like.

that is not true he killed black people, people with disability's gay peope and people who didn't like Hitler as well as the Jews.

No, he only like white people with blond hair and blue eyes.

Hitler is very much like charlie Manson they both murder people and there both idiots

Hitler didn't like the Jews mostly, but he didn't like anyone who wasn't of "the perfect race" like gypsies, homosexuals, and people who got in his way.

It was because toothbrush moustaches were fashionable then (i think) but after Hitler died people didn't like them, however some people still were them.

They get on well enough. Hitler was Austrian by birth...

Nazi leader Adolf Hitler did not like many people. He believed in a supreme race and if you did not fit his ideal of a supreme being then you were not liked.

Hitler was racist and didn't like the Jewish or black people and thought that people who didn't have blonde hair or blue eyes weren't people

No they were against each other in the war. but before the war briton and hitler where quite friendly

no becase he is like a king and if they did say in what Hitler did he beliived that they where trying to over power him and the punshiment...DEATH

He considered the people of England to be racially pure.

Yes, except for Hitler, who unfortunately survived.

Blue-eyed, blond Germans.

like most people, he wanted power.

Hitler gained much support early on and was beloved by the people. By the end of World war 2 the people were frightened by him but still followed due to fear.

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