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Q: How was Joan of Arc described to the French?
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Was Joan of Arc French or British?

Joan of Arc was French and helped the French in the battle.

Was Joan of Arc a French soldier?

Joan of Arc was actually a French Commander.

What was Joan of Arc's nationality?

Joan of Arc was French. She was from France.

Joan of arc led soldiers from what country?

Joan of Arc lead the French.

When did Joan of Arc lead the French to victory?

Joan of Arc led the French in the battle at Orleans in 1429.

What is the significance of Joan and the french?

Joan of Arc was the youngest french soldier

Why is Saint Joan of Arc called Joan of Arc?

Please see the related link Saint Joan of arc was called Joan of arc because arc was her surname was arc. Saint Joan was called Joan of Arc because her name was Jehanne D'arc which is french and translates to Joan of Arc. and it is joan of arc because surname was arc because it is

What nationally was Joan of Arc?


In what millennium did Joan of Arc lead the French?

Joan of Arc led the French in the battle at Orleans in 1429 - the second millenium.

What army was Joan of Arc in?

St. Joan was in the French army.

What did Joan of Arc do important?

Joan of Arc lead armys into war and Renewed the french nation

What was the language Joan of Arc spoke?


Which of these is a famous French heroine?

Joan of Arc

Who was responsible for capturing Joan of Arc?

Burgundians who were French who remained loyal to England captured Joan of Arc.

Which army did Joan of Arc lead?

Joan led the French army.

Was Joan of Arc secretly married to a french priest who controlled her actions?

No, Joan of Arc was not secretly married to a french priest who controlled her actions

How old was Joan of Arc when she became a soldier and commander of the French army?

Joan of Arc was about 17 years old when she joined the French army.

How do you spell English name Joan in French?

Jeanne is the French spelling for the English "Joan", as in Jeanne d'Arc (Joan of Arc).

Did Joan of Arc lead the German army?

No, Joan led the French army.

In which country did Joan of Arc lead an army?

Joan led the French army.

Did Joan of Arc speak in different languages?

Joan spoke in French only.

What is Joan of Arc's real name?

Joan's name in French is Jehanne d'Arc.

Who is the most famous french woman is french history?

Joan of Arc

How did Joan of Arc help the French?

She led the French Army to victory.

Did Saint Joan of Arc travel anywhere?

Joan traveled with the French army. Where they went, Joan was with them.