How was Lord Vader's breathing sound effect created?

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Since Vader had to be on certain machines in his suit just to stay alive, his breathing sound is created due to him breathing through a machine. Anyone who breathes through a machine will have a mechanical-like sound to their breathing
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What are the effects of smoking on your breathing?

If you smoke your heart is pumping twice as hard to pump blood around the body. Your lungs will go to a tar colour the more you smoke. You will get shortness of breath and hard coughing putting pressure on your lungs.

What effect does temperature have on rate of breathing?

When it gets colder what happens? Your body tries to keep itself at98.6 F. This is called homeostasis or internal regulation. In orderfor that to happen, your body must pump blood faster through yourveins to keep your extremities at 98.6F As your pulse increases,the need for oxygen also increases si ( Full Answer )

What effects does exercise have on your breathing rate?

Effects on your beathing rate from exercise includes ; fasterpulses, quicker breathes and longer breathes. The longer or faster you exercise determines on the struggle youput to ur body, By pushing yourself to the max your body will bepumping faster and making you breathe much faster to get the airt ( Full Answer )

What effect does weight have on rate of breathing?

Additional body mass generally means higher oxygen requirement, butupper body mass can restrict the expansion of the lungs, decreasingthe volume of air that enters with each breath. So since moreoxygen is needed, and less oxygen is inhaled, breathing rategenerally increases.

What are the effects of exercise on breathing and circulation?

Proper exercise will improve both. This is a better answer: we breath in more oxygen and we have to respire quickly. Our heart has to pump the oxygenated blood around around our body faster and take the deoxygenated blood to the lungs to get the carbon dioxide out.

What is the effect of breathing freon gas?

It can be very dangerous. See this health buletin... it really does not effect the people okay

How are abnormal breath sounds detected?

A doctor can tell if a person has abnormal breath sounds bylistening with a stethoscope. This is often seen in people withCOPD or asthma.

How did they create the sound effect of Indiana Jones' Whip?

It turns out Harrison Ford was trying out the bull whip, crackingit near a mic while being recorded. In one take, the pop blows airinto the mic, causing a distortion. Usually these kind of distortedsounds are thrown away, but the sound designer of the movie BenBurtt liked that a lot for its energy.

What effect can breathing sewage have?

\nfirst off it stinks. \n. \nother effects could be gagging accompanied by purging.\n. \nthe air may have airborne allergens and possible fecal matter wich may be inhaled.

What effects does the common cold have on breathing?

What effects does the common cold have on breathing? The answer to this question can vary. Since the common cold is a type of virus (generally speaking), it's symptoms can manifest in different ways. It can predominantly affect one or more areas or it's presence can seem to affect multiple areas eq ( Full Answer )

What effect does altitude have on air and your breathing?

The higher you go in altitude the less oxygen O2 there is in the air. As such it becomes harder to breath without "acclimating" to that elevation. Above 8,000 meters the human body begins to die without assisted breathing apparatuses. Even those only delay the process of decay. Extreme increases ( Full Answer )

How is breathing effected in space?

Breathing is not possible in space. Except inside a space suit or other container filled with gas atsignificant pressure. But then you're not actually breathing "in space".

How effective is the ending of Lord of the Flies?

That is a matter of personal preference. I think that it worked, at the very point were the savagery of Jack's tribe had almost reached its murderous conclusion we are suddenly reminded that they are, afterall, just young boys, capable of tears. The irony of the ending is that they are saved from co ( Full Answer )

What are the effects of breathing Hydrogen gas?

Pure hydrogen gas contains no oxygen so asphyxia is a possibility (causing dizziness possibly leading to unconsciousness and ultimately death due to insufficient oxygen reaching the brain). Hydrogen forms explosive mixtures with air or oxygen, so the possibility of ignition makes inhaling hydrogen v ( Full Answer )

What is sound effects?

In motion picture and television production, a sound effect is a sound recorded and presented to make a specific storytelling or creative point without the use of dialogue or music. The term often refers to a process applied to a recording, without necessarily referring to the recording itself.

How does smoking a cigarette effect your breathing?

If you mean smoking cigarettes, Oh my, the list goes on and on. Lung Cancers Skin wrinkle speed up and build up Lung disease Difficulty breathing Coughing Wheezing Lungs look shriveled and black Horrible odor yellow teeth tooth decay

How does a dameged alveoli effect breathing?

Damaged alveoli effect breathing because they are like little air sacs which take the air into the lungs. They are the lining of the lungs and they are the things that hold the oxygen in the lungs. If they are damaged, they cannot hold any oxygen, so the lungs cannot hold as much oxygen

How were the different sound effects created in shakespeares plays?

It depended on the sound effects. Often they were made using thereal deal. For example, we know that the sound of a cannon was madeby firing a real cannon (this is what led to the Globe Theatre fireof June 29, 1613). A "flourish of trumpets" was made using realtrumpets.

How would Shakespeare's special effects man create the sound of a bird?

With a whistle. There are two-note whistles which imitate the call of a cuckoo. Slide whistles can also be used. Whistle technology was pretty advanced in Shakespeare's day-- one of their favourite musical instruments was a recorder, which is a type of whistle.

How was Darth Vader's breathing effect created?

Well Vader's suit was like a "portable life support system." And one thing I know, when someone is on a ventilator facemask, their breathing has a mechanical effect to its sound because you are breathing through a machine. And since Vader is breathing through a machine, his breathing makes a mechani ( Full Answer )

What are the effects of sound?

Somebody will hear it and possibly respond, an avalanche could happen, or somebody could find you. There are many effects.

What are effects of breathing WD40?

Not much. If you inhale a lot maybe just a feeling of light headedness. In that case go somewhere with fresh air and ventalate the area you sprayed. Directly copied from the MATERIAL SAFETY DATA SHEET "INHALATION: High concentrations may cause nasal and respiratory irritation and central nervou ( Full Answer )

What effects the breathing of fish?

The same things that effect your breathing. Shortage of Oxygen caused by impurities (poisons) in its water (your air). Too much heat which reduces the amount of available oxygen. Stress, fright, flight etc. All the preceding will cause a form of panting (rapid breathing).

What are sound effects?

In motion picture and television production, a sound effect is a sound recorded and presented to make a specific storytelling or creative point without the use of dialogue or music. I'm a professional Hollywood sound editor and I use for all my SFX needs, you can find virtually any ( Full Answer )

What effect does the common cold have on breathing?

Well, it's obvious that it makes you have a hard time breathing here is why. It is because your lungs are most likely irritated. And that the mucus is clogging up your nostrils and throat. It is not harmful but irritating.

Where to get sound effects from?

if your looking for sound effects you can visit my website where there is a wide range of sound effects to download

What effect does pain have on breathing?

Depends. If you fractured your Upper Atherioutous then it isdangerous to your health. It can stimulate Agonate Cells that mayhave links to cancer. You should probably go the the clinic asap.

How does the mechanoreceptor reflex effect breathing?

The mechanoreceptor reflex is composed of the inflation reflex and the deflation reflex. The inflation reflex limits the duration of inspiration in response to stretching the walls of the lungs. The deflation reflex stimulates inspiration when the lungs are collapsed. Mechanoreceptor reflexes are in ( Full Answer )

How did Disney create sound effects for cartoons before digital recordings?

Sound-on-film has existed since 1927, but it has only been in a digital format since around 1992. Disney films created before then (like all other sound films) recorded the sound effects and music on analog media. It was synchronized onto the film strips using either magnetic (just like a cassette t ( Full Answer )

How does exercise effect your breathing system?

Exercise affects your breathing through many different ways. Depending on the type of exercise (e.g. long distance, or sprinting) it could change the type of breathing that occurs. For example, for short, fast running distances, you will switch to anaerobic respiration (glucose -> energy + lact ( Full Answer )

Does breathe have a short e sound?

No. The EA pair in breathe has a long E sound, and the final E isnot pronounced. (bree-th) In the noun breath, the EA has the short E sound (breth). How am I suppose to know I am asking you does it have a short e sound No. The EA pair in breathe has a long E sound, and the final E isnot pronounced. ( Full Answer )

How do you know that rescue breaths are effective?

You should be able to see the persons chest rise and fall with each breath you give them along with feeling and hearing the air come back out with each breath. That is where you get "Look, Listen and Feel" for breathing. You are going to see and feel the same thing as if the person was breathing on ( Full Answer )

Does morphine effect breathing?

Morphine can and does have an effect on breathing. The effects vary from each individual. A lot depends on a persons weight and the mg's taken and tolerance. What one can take safely could completely stop the respiration of another person.

How does the Doppler Effect effects sound?

There is a limitation od Doppler's effect in sound. Doppler's effect is applicable provided if the relative velocity of the source and the listener is less than the velocity of sound.

Why do tornadoes effect your breathing?

The rapid drop in pressure inside a tornado could put stress on the lungs and make it harder to breathe. Additionally, some people may feel like they have trouble breathing if they are panicked.

Does Exercise has no effect on breathing?

Excercise DOES affect breathing while doing it. If you have asthma, you will need to be mindful of your breathing rate, for it can lead to an asthma attack. Usually about an hour after you end the excercise, your breathing will be entirely back to normal. ========== Did this answer help you, or ( Full Answer )

How would Shakespeare's special effects man create the sound of wind?

We do not have a record of how such a sound effect might have been made, so the best we can do is to use our imaginations. I suspect that the musicians who played recorders (the use of recorders is noted in Hamlet) may have made whistling sounds with them.