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it started as pocket monsters in Japan then when it got to the us it changed to pokemon. it still is pocket monsters in japan

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Who made Pokemon - China or Japan?

Japan made it.

What games are made in Japan?

Pokemon is a game made in Japan.

Who made Pokemon China or Japan?


Which country made Pokemon China or Japan?


Did China or Japan make Pokemon?

Japan made Pokemon. Pocket Monsters was the original name of Pokemon in Japan, but was later changed to Pokemon. Nintendo currently owns Pokemon.

Where are the Pokemon films made?

Pokemon films are of the anime genre, and are made in Japan.

Which country made Pokemon - China or Japan?

Pokemon was conceived and introduced in Japan in 1995

Where are pokemon cards made?


What country was Pokemon made in?


Where was Pokemon made?

Pokemon was created in a country called Japan.

Is Pokemon made in Australia?

The original Pokemon was created in Japan.

Pokemon was made in china so there Pokemon Chinese?

It was made in Japan and translated into all languages. What he said was that it was dubbed to be Chinese. ... Pokemon is from Nintendo (Japan) and Game Freak (also Japan). I love to eat pieee

What country is the game Poke'mon made?

Pokemon is made in Japan

Was Pokemon made in japan?

yes, in about 1995

When was the first Pokemon card made?

the first pokemon card was made in japan on stone in 1877

Where is the Pokemon made?

I do not know what you mean but people make Pokemon in japan, that is where Nintendo are.

What country is Pokemon made in?

some where in the east, probably japan.

Where exactly in japan is Pokemon made?

It originated in shinjuku but was moved to tokyo.

When was the first Pokemon card ever made?

i dont know but it was in Japan

Why does Pokemon Platinum come out in japan first?

Pokemon platinum comes out in japan first cause the author of the Pokemon live in japan.

Where was Pokemon Diamond and Pearl made and by whom?

It was originaly made in Japan by a very famous compony, The Pokemon Compony - Nintendo. I don't know who exactly made it but if the person who came up with the idea sees this, Pokemon is one of the best things that has ever been made!

Does the Philippines sell a lot of Pokemon?

Yes because it is close to where Pokemon was originated, Japan. Because the Philippines is close to Japan, Japan sends alot of Pokemon to them.

Where did Pokemon originally come from?


When was Pokemon introduced to Japan?

Pokemon was created in japan in 1995. It was introduced to America in 1997.

Will there be new Pokemon games?

Japan is releasing Pokemon Platinum this spring and it will be released in America in 2009. It is made as an add-on to the Diamond and Pearl games for the DS, like Pokemon Crystal and Pokemon Yellow were.

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