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How was President Johnson involved with the Vietnam War?


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Johnson sent troops over to Vietnam and soon after declared war. From 1965 to 1975 we had troops involved in a war that could not be won - we lost 590,000 men and women in those 11 years.

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No US president fought in the Vietnam War. Eisenhower and Kennedy were the president when the US first became involved. Johnson and Nixon were the president when the serious fighting took place.

What limit did President Johnson place in Vietnam War?XD

he was the first president to be involved in it

The president of the USA for a major time of the Vietnam War was Lyndon Johnson.

John F. Kennedy entered it, L.B. Johnson continued it, Nixon eventually exited it.

The U. S. didn't become militarily involved in Vietnam until after President Johnson took office after President Kennedy's assassination.

He was criticized for excellerating the war

there were 3 presidents involved, kennedy, johnson and nixon

The criticism of the war in Vietnam started out mainly as a conservative reaction to President Johnson

president Johnson escalated the war president Nixon got us out

While it was President Nixon who was president when the Vietnam war ended, it's effect on Lyndon Johnson was a great financial gain. The presidency of Lyndon Johnson was little effected, simply because the truth was never exposed on any conspiratorial involvement on his part that he may have been involved in.

Opposition to the Vietnam war caused President Lyndon Johnson to halt aerial bombing of the North Vietnamese and engage in peace talks instead of escalating the war.

Dwight D. Eisenhower was the president that got America involved in the Vietnamese War.

Johnson was commander in chief. As commander, he escalated the war to a conventional level.

There is no question that President Lyndon Johnson was in charge of America's military effort in Vietnam, as Commander In Chief, and the war escalated because he escalated it.

Johnson declared war on poverty. He did not win. He did not declare war on Vietnam but sent 500,000 troops there. He did not win.

The war in Vietnam was escalated under president Johnson. This is because the USA was committed to the policy of "containing communism".

Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford.

The war in Vietnam made him unpopular.

President Lyndon Johnson was intimately involved in operations in Vietnam down to battalion level from the Situation Room below the White House. He regularly spoke on television with updates on the war.

Lyndon Johnson was the President of the US during the Vietnam War from the assassination of John Kennedy until the election of Richard Nixon.

The U.S. destroyer Maddox exchanged shots with some North Vietnamese boats and this led President Lyndon B. Johnson to widen the Vietnam War in 1964.

The Vietnam War spanned three US presidencies. The first troops were sent in by President John F. Kennedy (as military advisers, the war was then greatly expanded under President Lyndon Johnson, and then was further expanded, and eventually ended (unsuccessfully) under President Richard Nixon.

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