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She was one of the few survivors of the Siege of the Alamo who could provide an account of what transpired there.

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What role did Susana Dickinson play in the Texas Revolution?

she was a survivor in the battle of the Alamo

What was susana Dickinson quote?

sup mom

When did Susana Dickinson die?

Susana Wilkerson Dickinson was one of the two American survivors of the 1836 Battle of Alamo. She died on October 7, 1883.

Who were the lone American survivors of the battle at the Alamo?

Susana Dickinson and her daughter Angelina Dickinson.

Why was susanna Dickinson important to Texas?

cause epic!

What accomplishments did Susana Dickinson accomplish in her lifetime other than surviving the Battle of the Alamo?

texas got independendce and they had finnaly captured santa anna

How did Susana Dickinson die?

she died of an illness she died of an illness

Why was susanna Dickinson important to Texas history?

She is one of the few survivors at the Battle od the Alamo

Why did Susanna Dickinson move to Texas?

she was pregnant by santa anna.And had elizabeth dickinson.

What is the motto of Dickinson High School Texas?

Dickinson High School - Texas -'s motto is 'Kind but not to kind, we are blue and white and we wear out colors with pride.!'.

Why Susanna Dickinson come to Texas?

because she wanted to

How old was Susanna Dickinson when she died?

Battle of the Alamo survivor Susana Dickinson was born in 1814 and died October 7, 1883. She was likely 69 years old when she died, some 47 years after the battle.

When did Suzanna Dickinson enter Texas and why?

In 1834 she moved to Texas, because her husband, Alamaron Dickinson, heard about the acres and acres of land and about the rich soil. he also heard about the farmland for crops.

How do you say Me susana in spanish?

Yo, Susana (yaw, sooSANNah) = I, Susana Me, Susana (may, sooSANNah) = Me, Susana

Where is the Flying Museum Of America in Dickinson Texas located?

The address of the Flying Museum Of America is: 4109 Lovers Lane, Dickinson, TX 77539

What was susanna Dickinson role in the Texas revolution?

Susanna Dickinson was a first hand eye witness of the Battle of the Alamo during the Texas Revolution. She lived at the fort with her husband, who was killed in the battle, and her baby daughter, Angelina.

Why is Emily Dickinson important?

Emily Dickinson was very important. She served as inspiration to poets for generations to come. She was also one of America's early female poets.

How long does it take for a letter to get from Dallas Texas to Dickinson Texas?

First Class Mail is delivered in three to five days.

Why was Emily Dickinson so important to the world?


An important similarity shared by Whitman and Dickinson is their?


Where is the Dickenson Railroad Museum in Dickinson Texas located?

The address of the Dickenson Railroad Museum is: 218 Fm 517 Rd W, Dickinson, TX 77539

How was john Dickinson important to the constitution?

John Dickinson was important in the Constitution. He was a Contentional Congressman, a Representative of Delaware, refused to sign the Declaration of Independence, and wrote many, many essays.

Where is the Veterans History Education Inc in Dickinson Texas located?

The address of the Veterans History Education Inc is: Po Box 1015, Dickinson, TX 77539-1015

What has the author Susana Solano written?

Susana Solano has written: 'Susana Solano'

When was Emily Dickinson recognized as an important poet?

fo her poems

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