How was Thomas Paine famous?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How was Thomas Paine famous?
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Related questions

Why is Thomas Paine famous?

he was a famous writer

Who is the famous scientists and writer?

thomas paine

Who was the famous writer of common sense?

Thomas Paine

What was the pamphlet called that was writtten by Thomas Paine?

Thomas Paine wrote 16 pamphlets but his most famous one is Common Sense

Who has written the famous work ''common sense''?

His name was Thomas Paine.

Why is Thomas Paine rememebered?

He Wrote The famous article "Common Sense"

What are 5 things Thomas Paine is famous for?

there isn't there is only 2

Thomas paine's most famous piece of writing?

Common Sense!

Who were the leaders of The Enlightenment of America?

Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine A+

Was Thomas Paine the author of Common Sense?

Thomas Paine was the author of Common Sense and a few other famous pamphlets which decided the course of the American War Of Independence.

How many children did Thomas Paine have?

thomas paine had 0 kids

Is thomas Paine single?

No, thomas Paine is not single.