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their stuffed animals with codes to go online you can make one too but its really hard and a whole lot of money

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Where are Webkinz made?

Webkinz are made in New Jersey

How many webkinz were made in the world?

In the world about 116 webkinz where made

How may webkinz are made?

There are 255 webkinz.

About how many webkinz are made a day?

About 1 or 2 Webkinz were made today.

Who made the Webkinz?

The person or people who own, operate and made Webkinz is GANZ.

How do you get other games on webkinz?

You cannot get games on Webkinz. The people who made Webkinz can do it, but you cannot.

How made up webkinz?

A company named Ganz made up Webkinz as well as Jr. Webkinz which are found at:

How long was webkinz made?

Webkinz was made in 2005. It celebrates its 4th anniversary this year

Who invented webkinz?

Ganz was the company that made Webkinz in 2005

Who was the person that started Webkinz?

the person who made webkinz was Ganz.

What was the first webkinz made?

You can tell by the Webkinz that doesn't have a W on it.

Have you made a turkey Webkinz yet?

they will be available in the webkinz estore

How many Webkinz your there made?

Webkinz always adds new webkinz and retires them so who knows.

What was the first kind of Webkinz ever made?

There was never a first Webkinz. The second Webkinz was the pig

When was Webkinz first made?

Webkinz was first made in the April of 2005 by Ganz. Now, in 2009, there are over 100 Webkinz and 50 Lil' Kinz.

What is the third Webkinz ever made?

The third webkinz is the Cheeky Monkey.

When did Webkinz first come out?

Webkinz first made its appearance in 2005!

What was the fourth Webkinz ever made?

There is no such thing as the FOURTH webkinz or the FIRST, because webkinz made the Cow, Pig, Cocker Spaniel, Golden Retriever, Hippo, Black Bear, Elephant and lion and released them all together. Since webkinz did not announce which of these were made 4th, a FOURTH webkinz does not exist.

When was Webkinz made?


What was the first webkinz underwater pet to be retired?

What was the first webkinz pet to be made

Was the Cheeky Dog the first Webkinz made?

Yes, it's one of the first Webkinz made, along with the Cheeky Cat.

Who made the first webkinz?

The Company Ganz made the first webkinz. Although I don't know the first one ever made, I can tell you that the first one retired was the webkinz cheeky dog. Hope this helps! ~Goldendoodle~

Is the Webkinz Cheeky Dog retired?

yes, of course the Webkinz cheeky dog IS retired . it was the first webkinz ever!!!!!!!! it was made in 2005

What are retired webkinz pets?

Those are Webkinz that are no longer being made. Retired Webkinz are worth more and get more rare the older they are.

Who made Webkinz?

Webkinz are produced by the Ganz company, which in turn was started by Samuel Ganz.

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