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- New comoflage uniforms.

- Trench warfare, no open fighting.

- Went on for four years, not over in a day. Troops lived in dugouts.

- New guns, mounted machine gun. Technologically advanced.

- First war to use: tanks, submarines, aeroplanes, gas, battleships.

- Conscription, every man fit must join.

Hassan Naveed Midwood High School

World War One was different than previous wars because it involved so many countries and had such high death tolls, it was the first major war.

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Q: How was World War 1 different from any earlier wars?
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What ways was world war different form earlier wars?

nuclear wepons

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airplanes were the most different.

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Well they are different wars and different people fought in them.

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Some wars were called World Wars because they were fought with a variety of countries all around the world in different places. An example would be World War 1.

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it is because of how the wars started

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It was the first to be taped

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Because WWI was considered to be "the war to end all wars." Unfortunately that's not happened

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What are the differences between world war 2 and previous wars?

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World Wars were called World Wars because during the war, many countries joined and fought in the war. Most of the countries in the world fought. That is why they are called World Wars

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World War 1 was different because WW1 was the most destructive war there has ever been. The amount of deaths that occurred in that war is more than all the other wars deaths combined.

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it was gay they screwed everyone.

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It was the same war: World War II.