How was asthma discovered?

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bob shore first discovered Asthma in 1766

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Q: How was asthma discovered?
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What was going on at the time of the 1960s?

in the 1960s asthma was just discovered by a greek physician and by doctor glen who discovered the symptoms of asthma

When was asthma discovered?

It was first "discovered" or mentioned by Hippocrates of Cos II around 450 BC.But Galen, a Greek scientist, further discovered it.

How do you prevent children from getting asthma?

Children can prevent getting asthma by drinking plenty of apple juice. British scientists have discovered that if a child drink plenty of apple juice it can prevent a him/her from getting asthma. Until the exact cause of asthma is discovered, there can be no cure or method of prevention. There are probably some studies that show certain things that are linked to asthma or to the lack of instances of asthma, but they don't prove that asthma is prevented or cured by them, only that there seems to be some relation between asthma and certain other things. Those relationships could just as easily be coincidences as anything else, so they just mean that they warrant further studies.

Asthma how to cure by means of herbal?

I had asthma for more that 40 years before I discovered certain herbs that helped me rid myself of the death defying disease, and I accomplished this in 30 days just with herbs...

Who discovered asthma?

It was Hippocrates (460-357 BC), the Greek physician, who first described asthma and its resulting "spasms". Galen (130-201 BC), a Greco-Roman doctor, discovered that asthma was due to bronchial obstruction. He treated it with owl's blood in wine.The term asthma comes from the ancient Greek word for panting or gasping.Camel and crocodile droppings were the asthma treatments of choice in Ancient Egypt.The ancient Chinese used ephedrine to ease the symptoms of asthma thousands of years before Western physicians introduced it as a treatment.Italian physician Bernardino Ramazzini described a link between his patient's asthma and their jobs as far back as the early 1900s.Rene Laennec invented the stethoscope, basically a rolled up piece of paper, to place his ear on his female patient's naked chest.Until the late 1800s, the most popular method of delivering asthma medication into the lungs was smoke.In 1864, Dr. Henry Hyde Salter identified animal dander as an asthma trigger.The secret ingredients of the popular 19th century asthma cures were usually alcohol, cocaine or morphine. In the late 1800s, atropine derived from the deadly nightshade plant was added to cigarettes to help treat asthma.In 1901, a Japanese scientist, Jokici Takamine, purifies adrenaline, found in the suprarenal glands of sheep (discovered in 1898) and develops the first effective bronchodilator.In the 1960s, asthma researchers discovered that asthma is an inflammatory disease, not just constriction of the airways, and that asthma sufferers have a sensitive immune system which reacts to airborne allergens. The first inhaled anti-inflammatory medication is born.In 1972, inhaled corticosteroids hit the market.

How dangerous is asthma?

how dangerous is asthma how dangerous is asthma

What is asthma in Arabic?

asthma is called (Rabbo) in Arabic and it writes (asthma = ربو ) or (the asthma = الربو )

What is the difference between exercise asthma and normal asthma?

The difference between exercise asthma and regular asthma is that exercise asthma arises due to too much exercise while regular asthma is not.

What is the scientific name for asthma?

The scientific name for Asthma is actually Asthma!

What exercises induce asthma?

Exercise induced asthma is where you get asthma from exercese

What is a sentence with the word asthma?

I suffer from asthma. Asthma makes my life hard. I sometimes can't sleep at night due to asthma. I wish they had a cure for asthma.

Can you list some books about asthma?

The Asthma Sourcebook: Everything You Need to Know by Francis V. Adams, MD Asthma (Just the Facts) All About Asthma and How to Live With It Ask the Doctor: Asthma The Asthma Self-Care Book : How to Take Control of Your Asthma Asthma & Allergies My House Is Killing Me! The Home Guide for Families With Allergies and Asthma Why Do I Wheeze? Children and Asthma: The Child With Asthma Childhood Asthma: What It Is and What You Can Do Control Your Child's Asthma: A Breakthrough Program for the Treatment and Management of Childhood Asthma The Parent's Guide to Allergies and Asthma American Academy of Pediatrics Guide to Your Child's Allergies and Asthma What Your Doctor May Not tell You About Children's Allergies and Asthma: Simple Steps to Help Stop Attacks and Improve Your Child's Health

What are other names for asthma?

One alternative name for asthma is bronchial asthma. Other names that are used include: allergy induced asthma and exercise induced asthma.

Do asthma transfer if you kiss an asthma patient on lips?

No, asthma is not a communicable disease.

Is asthma communicable?

No..... Asthma is not communicable

Is asthma noninfectious?

Asthma is noninfectious.

Can you suffocate from Asthma?

Can you suffocate from Asthma

Who can you get asthma?

you can get it from your family,friendsetc. that has asthma

How is asthma contracted?

Asthma cannot be contracted like a cold, your DNA is predisposed to Asthma.

Does asthma run in the family?

sometimes. my friend has asthma and her mum and her big brother has asthma

What part of speech is the word asthma?

The word asthma is a noun. Asthma is a respiratory condition.

Prevention for asthma?

Asthma can be treated by asthma puffers, ventolin or medication. Goin to your doctor or the hospital can help by them diagnosing you with asthma and giving you treatment

Does any asthma treatment cure the disease?

There are no asthma treatments that will cure asthma. Researchers are still working on it, but it can keep your asthma at bay for a short period of time where you don't have asthma attacks as often.

Could you still have an asthma attack even if you dont have asthma anymore?

yes u can still have asthma even if u have experienced it at ur tender age. this is bcos asthma can not be cured but d the action of it can be delayed . whoever have asthma will die of asthma .

Which one is worse bronchitis or asthma?