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some people belive America had no right to put its head in where it wasnt needed, meaning, its vietman, let them look after them selves, but we are all humans aswell, so why not protect the innocent

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What countries were fighting each other in Vietnam war?

Communist north Vietnam was fighting the anti-Communist south Vietnam who had the help of America

How is the Vietnam war different than others?

The Vietnam war is different from other wars because the war was all about the north and south Vietnam. One was republic and one was communist. So the u.s. signed a treaty to end the fighting with north Vietnam.

Where did the Vietnam war happened?

in vietnam. South vn and north vn were fighting..... vn=vietnamThere were bombing each other and kids and dads were dying

Were the French still fighting Vietnam when the United States got involved?

Not in Vietnam they weren't. Maybe in some other parts of the world.

What are the differences between the US soldiers fighting in the Vietnam war to US soldiers fighting in other wars?

Being drafted (none sense Vietnam); returning home to hostile fellow citizens.

Why was America fighting in Vietnam a mistake?

What the war in Vietnam was... it was a SHAME. Our troops were involved in a conflict that is no different than the conflicts in Afghanistan or Iraq. The brave young men and women fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq are seen as heroes; the brave young men and women who fought in Vietnam were seen as trash, killers, and every other imaginable degrading name. The main difference between these conflicts... the American news media. Please, when you meet a Vietnam Vet, take the time to thank them for their service and tell them how sad America should be that these brave soldiers were treated the way they were.

What does war means?

It is fighting with weapons with mainly other countries such as vietnam war in the 1970's

What are other names used for the Vietnam War?

The Vietnam Conflict, the Indochina war. The people and government in Vietnam today refer to it as the American War.

How was the American Civil War different from previous wars America was in?

The civil war was different because in the civil war it was northern America fighting southern America. in other wars it was all of America fighting a different country. They were fighting because the South (or the Confederates) wanted to keep slavery in the US. The North ( or the union) was fighting to abolish slavery in the US. Of course, the North won.

Why was they fighting in Vietnam?

The US wanted to end communism. Other than that, it had nothing 2 do w/us

The longes war in American history was?

The longest war in American history was called the Other War. This war was against Vietnam and took 103 months for the last American combat forces to withdraw from Vietnam.

How is Vietnam become different after their war?

Vietnam is now a communist country that functions like most other countries.

What are three other names for the Vietnam war?

The Vietnamese call it the American War.

Did Elvis fight in the Vietnam War?

No He Wasn't In The Vietnam War However, he was drafted into the army and was stationed in Germany--but not during the Vietnam War or any other American war.

What were the fighting conditions of the Vietnam War?

If you are speaking of the fighting conditions other than the enemy, here are a few of the things the fighting American had to deal with in Vietnam - and this is outside of the mental Pressures.* Extreme heat* Heat exhaustion* Sun burn* dehydration* Red dust* jungle rot* Bush snakes* Spiders* Rats* Leeches* Poisonous centipedes* Fire ants * Scorpions* Malaria * Monsoon season (constant and extended heavy rain)* Blisters

Why was the Vietnam war so different from the other wars?

It was a long war.

Why was it so hard for American soldiers fighting in Vietnam?

It wasn't any harder than any other wars prior to Vietnam. With one exception, the helicopter. The "Chopper" didn't allow for any rest between fights. A man could end up fighting two or three battles in two or three days (a different battle each day), because the bird could pick him up & drop him off into another fight; when he hasn't rested from the one he just left. That could be pretty exhausting.

What two sides were fighting in the American Revolution?

The Colonists and the British army fought with each other in the American Revolution.

What countries were involved in the Cambodian war?

No foreign countries were involved with Cambodia, other than the over flow of fighting from North/South Vietnam & the US during the Vietnam War. Nearly all of the fighting within Cambodian consists of rebel/communist factions from within the country.

How were the macedonians different from the other Greeks?

The Macedonians were Greeks . Every tribe of the Greeks back then, was different. Athens was more intellectual, less fighting-wise. Spartans were more fighting oriented on the other hand.

What were the Paris Peace Accords?

Among other things this was the agreement that ended American involvement in Vietnam.

Who was fighting each other in the Boston massacre?

the british soldiers vs the American colonists

What was Simรณn Bolรญvar fighting for?

to gain independence for Venezuela and other South American countries

Why were the war tactics in the Vietnam war different to other wars?

Wars prior to Vietnam were ground taking wars (territorial gains). Vietnam was a body count war-a war of attrition.

Did Eisenhower Kennedy and Johnson all aprrove of the US backing the South Vietnamese in their civil war?

A civil war is ONE country fighting with itself; such as the US Civil War (America was fighting itself). Vietnam was never one country until it won the war in 1975. Two separate nations were created in 1954; a NORTH and a SOUTH Vietnam. TWO separate nations were fighting against each other in Vietnam-A North and a South.