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How was micky mouse created?

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Walt Disney got the inspiration for Mickey Mouse from his old pet mouse he used to have on his farm

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What year was micky mouse created?


Who created micky mouse?

By Walt Disney

Who craeted micky mouse?

Walt Disney created mickey mouse.

What are countries in tropical savanna?

micky mouse is in the tropical savana micky mouse is in the tropical savana micky mouse is in the tropical savana

When was micky mouse born?

micky mouse was born in 1928 Belqes.A

In which year was the cartoon character micky mouse created?

Mickey Mouse debuted in 1928 in 'Plane Crazy' .

What are the animals on Mickey Mouse?

micky mouse

Who is Minnie Mouse to micky mouse?

She is his girlfriend .

Are Mickey Mouse toys available online?

Yes, Mickey Mouse toys are available online. Mickey Mouse is a Icon of Disney Corporation and a very popular one at that. There are a variety of Mickey Mouse toys available for purchase online such as Mickey Mouse plush toys, Micky Mouse hats, Micky Mouse stuffed animals, Micky Mouse puzzles, Micky Mouse figurines, etc.

Who was the first man make micky mouse?

the walt disney was the first man to make micky mouse

Why was micky mouse created?

He was created because Walt Disney got the idea that he need a good friend

How do you draw micky mouse?

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What was Walt Disney going to name micky mouse first?

Walt was going to call Micky Mortimer Mouse.

Was Rene Grove the inventor of the toy micky mouse which was created in 1926.?

: Rene Grove WAS the inventor of a Toy Mouse named Micky and it was patented in 1926. : I am the Great Nephew of Rene and my grandpa Larry named the mouse Micky. This was 2 years prior to Disney's Micky. : I have a page on my website that discusses the timing of the creation of both mice and links to both Micky and Mickey patents on the U.S.Patent office. :

What kind of mouse?

Danger mouse, jerry mouse, micky mouse... take your pick!

What cartoons did Walt Disney make?

Walt Disney created Micky Mouse and Steamboat Willy.

What does micky mouse eat?

he eats cheese he's a mouse

What is the name of a cartoon that has a mouse in it?

tom and jerry and micky mouse

Who was the creator of micky mouse and Donald Duck?

Mickey Mouse was created by both Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney whereas Donald Duck was created by Dick Lundy .

Where can you get information on Micky Mouse?

the internet

What is Goofy from micky mouse?

a dog

Is micky mouse dead?

yes he is

Who is more famous Bart Simpson or Mickey Mouse?

micky mouse

Who is Micky mouse wife?

Mickey is not married, but Minnie Mouse is his girlfriend.

Who did charcted micky mouse?

The cartoon character was created by both Ub Iwerks and Walt Disney in 1928 .