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i think scout was more to blame because scout should have been in 1st grade instead of kindergarden if she was so smart.

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Q: How was more to blame scout or her teacher?
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What does Scout teacher tell her to do?

Scout's teacher orders her to stop reading.

What is Scout's teacher's name in To Kill a Mockingbird?

Miss Caroline Fisher is Scout's teacher in To Kill a Mockingbird.

Who doesn't want Atticus to read to scout?

Scout's kindergarten teacher.

Why does the teacher become annoyed with scout?

a teacher becomes annoyed with scout because they do not listen and do not pay attention so they do not learn.

Who told Atticus that he must stop teaching Scout to read?

Scout's teacher

Why did scout get into trouble with her teacher on the first day of school?

Scout got in trouble with her teacher because she already knew how to read and write.

Who is miss Caroline?

she is the teacher of jem and scout

Who is Scout Finch's teacher?

Mrs. Carolyn.

What does Scout tell her teacher about the Cunninghams?

Scout tells her teacher that the Cunninghams never take things from people unless they are able to pay it back.

Why did Scout attack Walter?

Because she told the teacher he had no money, and Cunningham's did not accept charity. The teacher scolded Scout, so she took it out on Walter.

In To Kill a Mockingbird Scout explained to her teacher that Walter Cunningham?

Scout tells the teacher that Walter is poor and the poor don't take money because it show disrespect and the teacher hit scout in the hand with a ruler because that is not what she believes in in her perspective

'Either the teacher or the students is to blame for the fire' - is this sentence grammatically correct?

Either the teacher or the students ARE to blame for the fire.It would be 'is' if 'students' was in the singular in the sentence (student).

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