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It think it helped to convince people to help in the war against Germany.

It was also used to promote the production of weaponry and vehicles of war, aka war planes and tanks.

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Q: How was propaganda effective during World War 2 in Canada?
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How effective was British newspaper propaganda in World War 1?

It was not effective at all

How is propaganda in World War 1 effective?

it is effective because it persuades the public to do what you want

Was the use of propaganda more effective in World War 1 or 2?

The use of propaganda was definitely more effective in the Second World War. They had more means of media then and upgraded from the First World War, for sure.

Was propaganda so effective in World War 2?

Propaganda is planting the seed. People, as a whole, believe what they are told.

How much money was spent on propaganda during World War 2 by each country?

how much money was spent on propaganda during world war 2 by america

Was propaganda an effective tool for the US in World War I?

well it was effective in getting the US to join the war. propaganda is spreading ideas that support a cause or hurt an opposing cause, and when Americans used propaganda, it pushed the US onto the Allies side and against the Germans

When did propaganda begin?

Propaganda began some time during world war II between 1889 and1945.

Who else used propaganda during World War 2?

Everyone used propaganda during World War II and most of it was untrue.

Why was the propaganda used during the World War 1?

You need the support of the populace in any war. Propaganda helps accomplish that.

Who was the German propaganda broadcaster during World wWar Two?

Joseph Goebbels was the Reich Minister for Popular Enlightnment and Propaganda.

Where was propaganda during World War 1?

Propaganda was often displayed in public places, where many people would see it.

What focus did America have during World War 1?

much propaganda

During World War 1 America was the focus of?

much propaganda

During World War 1 America was the focus of what?

Much Propaganda

During World War 1 American was the focus of?

much propaganda

How effective were the methods of propaganda used in the First World War in winning continued support for the war effort?

they were very effective. But over-exaggeration did grow suspition.

What three types of anti-german propaganda was used during World War 1?

Three types of anti-German propaganda used during World War I were pictures, literature, and film. Pamphlets were the main form of propaganda in the first years of the war, and were distributed to various foreign countries.

How was propaganda used on the us homefront during World War 2?

by camping out

What is meant by propaganda during World War 1?

the demonetization of the other countries

Who Developed propaganda in favor of war during World War 1?


Why did the US use propaganda in the World War 2?

The use of propaganda in any country is to further a political objective, in the case of the United States' involvement with World War 2, it was winning the war. Propaganda was effective to motivate citizens to action, by donating, enlisting or working harder.

What were popular examples of propaganda during World War 2?

Hundreds of posters were used for propaganda, film clips in movie theaters and the RADIO was the biggest form of propaganda during the war. Newspapers contributed but did not have the affect the radio, film and posters did. Another big form of propaganda were fund raisers for war bonds.

Why was propaganda so effective and two ways Hitler used it?

because he never wanted anyone that was different than him in the world.

What type of propaganda were used during World War 2?

bandwagon, tetimonial, repition,

Who was Adolf Hitler's minister of propaganda during second world war?

Joseph Goebbels.