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If you mean "how did it spread?" the answer would be by word. As religions originated, people began to travel to foreign countries. By this, they shared their religion and continued their practice.

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Q: How was religion assimilated into other cultures?
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How did Alexander the great use religion to help him rule other cultures?

he had no religion

What influence has western music had on African music?

With urbanisation and modernisation, modern African dance and music exhibit influences assimilated from several other cultures.

How was art connected to religion in African cultures?

Art in African cultures is often connected to religion via the sculptural figures that represent ancestors. There are many other ways.

What role do religion and race play in genocide?

Does your religion teach you that people from other cultures are evil? That attitude is the root of genocide.

How was the Hinduism religion stated?

Hinduism started when Brahmanism took ideas from other cultures.

What are the good things about intermarriage?

Intermarriage IS a good thing. People get to mix cultures and religion. They can learn about other cultures and stuff so it is a good thing

Why should we learn history from another religion?

To understand other cultures and to broaden our minds. It is helpful to get other people's perspectives!

What is syncretism?

Syncretism is the process by which elements of one religion is assimilated into another religion resulting change in the fundamental tenets or nature of those religions.

What people caused the fall of Israel and scattered the ten tribes?

The Assyrians destroyed Israel in 722 BCE and scattered the people throughout their empire, where the former Israelites assimilated the local cultures and religion, and lost their separate ethnic identity. The Assyrians renamed Israel as Samaria and brought people from other parts of their empire into Samaria.

What did other cultures borrow from ancient Greece?

Architecture, religion, theatre, art, pottery, endless warfare.

How did Islam treat other cultures?

they treated them good they could practice there religion but they had to pay a special tax

Which of the following formed the basis of Chavn influence over other early American cultures?

art and religion

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