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How was sharingan made?


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March 26, 2009 4:02PM

this is a long story but from wat i read the sharingan was created when a hyuuga fell in love with a demon. this demon would transform himself to look like this handsom human. and the hyuuga fell for him head over heals. the demon took pleasure seeing her fall for him and used her love to his advantage. soon they ended up getting married and having to children these children are known as uchiha madara and his brother. but the hyuuga special bloodline limit molded with the demons special powers and this created the new special power and bloodline limit of the sharingan. This $#!+ here make no sense at all. All of the demons are 100times taller and larger than humans. So what did the hyuuga clan do, learn the akimichi clans expansion jutsu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sarcasm is intended ANSWER Know one knows because when Khona was created Madara helped withe the creation of the village. That means that there are uchiha members before madara and his brother. You wont know until they tell the story about madara in manga