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by seeing the channels

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Who was the television developed for?

Television was developed for regular consumers. Movies and programming had usually been available at movie theaters but television brought it to the homes of families.

Did Hitler use television for propaganda in Germany?

Television had not been developed by then to be a useful tool for this purpose.

Your lcd tv has developed shadows running down the tv screen - what could this be?

7 days are up.

Why was tv in black and white?

It was originally developed in black and white because that is technologically simpler than a color television.

What is scientific about TV?

All of the components that comprise a television set are developed due to scientific discoveries. TV as a medium, is scientific when showing programs about science.

How do you register rayman raving rabbids TV party into club Nintendo?

You can't. only products developed by Nintendo are eligible for Club Nintendo. Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party is developed by Ubisoft.

How old is big screen projection television?

Large screen television is nothing new. John Logie Baird introduced the world's first television in 1925. By 1928 he had developed and demonstrated color television. By 1930 he had developed his color system into a projector and used it in cinemas and theaters in England. Projection television has now passed its eightieth birthday!

When did Vladimir Zworykin invent his TV?

Boris Rosing and Vladimir Zworykin developed a TV system in Russia in 1907. Moving to the US in 1918, Zworykin developed numerous TV devices for the Westinghouse corporation from 1923 to 1929, and a camera tube named the Iconoscope in 1931.

Was the television introduced in the nineteenth century?

No, the television was developed and introduced to the commercial market in the 1940s and 1950s, about halfway into the twentieth century.

How did television influence American life beginning in the 1950s?

TV created a common culture and developed common social norms.

What was the price of a TV in 1920?

Television did not exist in 1920. It was being developed in the late 1930s but World War II delayed it.

Who developed the Chilean television show called 31 Minutos?

The Chilean television show 31 Minutos was developed by Alvaro Diaz and Pedro Peirano. If was a comedy about a mock news broadcast first aired in 2003.

What year did CRT monitor invented?

It was derived in the 1950s, from RADAR screens and TV sets developed in the 1930s, which were derived from oscilloscopes developed in the 1920s.

Will an American ps3 game work in holland?

No they were developed for US style of TVs

Who developed the TV series Five Minutes More?

The television series Five Minutes More is developed by The Jim Henson Company. It is co-produced between the United Kingdom and Australia and produced by Snow River Media.

Who developed the Mexican television show called Amor en Custodia?

The Mexican television show called Amor en Custodia was developed by Mario O. Garces. He was the network pilot order and was created by Frank Ketelaar.

Where was the tv invented in the US?

The television wasn't invented in the US. The world's first working television system was developed and demonstrated in London, England in 1925 by John Logie Baird.

What is a black-and-white television?

A black-and-white television is a monochrome system of transmitting and receiving television signals, or a television set which displays such images.

What did Philo Taylor Farnsworth invent?

He developed and demonstrated the first fully electronic television (although this was not the first working television) and the baby incubator

When did analog tv start?

The fist analog TVs were developed in the 1950s. In most countries of the world today, analog signals have been discontinued.

The first all-transistor portable television was developed by Sony in 1960?


What are the advantages to having an LCD TV?

An LCD tv has a smoother picture because of the liquid crystals that have been developed in the screen. The picture is clearer and easier to see then a non-LCD tv screen.

Which is the best : LCD TV or LED TV?

LCD is a more developed technology, however LED TV is clearly the best for it has more energy-efficiency and features such as a more complete color palette.

How has the TV changed?

In 1927 the first programming on television. In 1928 the first transatlantic television transmission. in 1929 an electronic moving-image television system. In 1946 scientists in labs at RCA developed the Image Orthocon Tube which made broadcast quality television cameras.

What is an LED TV, and why is it different from LCD and plasma?

LED TV is similar to plasma TV. Unlike a LCD TV, it is a new technology that targets energy-efficiency and has a more complete color palette. LCD TV, on the other hand, is generally cheaper and more developed.