How was the Bahamas created?

We can't say who created them, but we do know that Christopher Columbus landed there-- he probably didn't realize where he had landed, but most historians do believe that is where he first made landfall. The Spanish government did not turn the Bahamas into a colony, however. Instead, they captured and enslaved the native peoples (called the Lucayans) and sent them off to be slaves in Hispianola. It wasn't until about 1648 that British colonists settled in the region, and the Bahamas officially became a Crown Colony of England in 1718. The Bahamas finally gained independence and became a sovereign nation in 1973.

It is possible to say how the Bahamas was created. It was due to the North American plate colliding with the Caribbean Plate. The North American Plate passed under the Caribbean Plate from the direction of Cuba. Further more, volcanic rifts separated lands into volcanic blocks, sediments increased and sea floors subsided. An Ice Age some 16000 years ago, took up most of the Earth's water and upon melting flooded the shallow valleys thus leaving 'mountain tops' above sea level. As things are, this land could return to the sea and may possible be resurrected later.