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They are quite similar. Byzantine church for example does not recognize a pope. Instead of pope each country which is byzantine church has its own church leader so there are about 15 leaders, for instance in Russia. Western church recognize pope as gods emissary on earth.

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Q: How was the Byzantine church different from the western church in discussion and debate?
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Is the pope on western or eastern?

The pope is western. The Byzantine Church is eastern.

What became the church of the Byzantine Empire?

The Eastern Orthodox Church was the church for the Byzantine Empire.

What were the two Christian churches called?

Perhaps you are referring to the Western Catholic Church in the Roman Empire and the Eastern Orthodox Church in the Byzantine Empire.

How did the council of bishops in Rome feel about Byzantine views of Christianity?

The Roman Catholics were strongly opposed to some of the practices of the Byzantine Church, and vice versa. This tension resulted in the Great Schism, in which the Western and Eastern Church split.

The leader of the byzantine church was the?

the leader of the Byzantine Church was called the Metropolitans.

What has the author John Arnott Hamilton written?

John Arnott Hamilton has written: 'Byzantine architecture and decoration' -- subject(s): Byzantine Architecture, Byzantine Art, Byzantine Church architecture, Byzantine Church decoration and ornament, Church architecture, Church decoration and ornament

Who are Eastern Catholics who recognize the pope?

Albanian Byzantine Catholic Church Armenian Catholic Church Bulgarian Greek Catholic Church Chaldean Catholic Church Coptic Catholic Church Patriarchate Ethiopian Catholic Church Byzantine Church of Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro Greek Byzantine Catholic Church Hungarian Byzantine Catholic Church Italo-Albanian Byzantine Catholic Church Macedonian Catholic Church Maronite Catholic Church Melkite Greek-Catholic Church Romanian Greek-Catholic Church Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic Church Slovak Byzantine Catholic Church Syriac Catholic Church Patriarchate Syro-Malabar Catholic Church Syro-Malankara Catholic Church Ukrainian Greek-Catholic Church

How do you think the schism in the church might affect political relations between the Byzantine empire and Western Europe in the future?


When was Greek Byzantine Catholic Church created?

Greek Byzantine Catholic Church was created in 1907.

What is the difference between the Byzantine Church and the Catholic Church?

.Catholic AnswerNone, they are the same Church. The Catholic Church encompasses a number of Rites, of which the Latin Rite is the largest, followed by the Byzantine Rite, commonly called the Byzantine Church by some.

Which instiution survived the fall of the roman empire?

The Roman Catholic church survived the fall of the Western Roman Empire. The Orthodox Church survived the fall of the Byzantine Empire.

The meaning of orthodox church?

Derived from the Byzantine Church and adhering to Byzantine rites. i.e Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic Orthodox churches. The Catholic Church as it existed in the Byzantine Empire.

What does byzantine church stand for?

it means it existed in the byzantine empire

Why did the byzantine empire distrust the western christians?

A rift developed between Latin Christianity and Greek Christianity which then led to the schism between the Catholic and Orthodox Churches. The conflict between the two led to mutual distrust . The Orthodox Church was the church of the Byzantine Empire.

What type of church was most popular in the Byzantine Empire?

What type of church was most commonly constructed in the Byzantine Empire

Why is Orthodox Easter on a different day than Western Easter?

Because the orthodox use a different calender to the western church

Why was Theodora so important to the Byzantine Empire?

Empress Theodora was the wife of Justinian I of the Byzantine Empire. Arguably the most influential woman in Byzantine history she is, like her husband, considered a Saint by the Orthodox church and commemorated on Nov 14. A full discussion of her life and works would be beyond the scope of this forum

How are the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Byzantine Empire related?

The Patriarch of the Greek Orthodox Church was also the Byzantine Emperor, head of both Church and State.

What were the differences between the eastern and the western churches in the byzantine empire?

The eastern church was the only Church of the Byzantine Empire. The eastern Church was the church of the eastern part of the Roman Empire. The western church was the church of the western part of the Roman Empire. At the time of the Romans they were called western or Latin and eastern or Greek branches of the Catholic church. At that time this was a church which subscribed to the Nicaean creed. This creed had a particular interpretation of the trinity and opposed different interpretations by different Christian sects, particularly the Arian Christians. After these two churches split they came to be called Orthodox and Catholic respectively. Byzantine Empire is a term coined by historians to indicate the eastern part of the Roman Empire after the fall of the western part of the Roman Empire. The Romans themselves did not use this term. They just had the term Roman Empire. The eastern part of the Roman Empire continued to exist for another 1,000 year after the fall of the western part. The term Byzantine is derived from Byzantium, the name of the Greek city which was redeveloped, turned into the capital of the eastern part of the Roman Empire and renamed Constantinople by Constantine the Great in 330. It is used to indicate the fact that not long after the fall of the west, this empire became centred on Greece and Greek in character after it lost most of its non-Greek territories. Greek replaced Latin as the official language of this empire in 620, some 150 years after the fall of the west.

What was the byzantine church called after the great schism?

After the Great Schism, the Byzantine church became known as the Eastern Orthodox Church. The west branch was known as the Roman Catholic Church.

What was the byzantine church used for?

The Byzantine Church was used for worship. Following the death of the Roman Emperor Constantine, the Roman Empire split into the Roman Empire and the Byzantine Empire. Eventually, the Bishop of Rome became the head of the church in the Roman Empire. Over the years, that church became the Roman Catholic Church. The Bishop of Constantinople became the head of the Byzantine Church. That church evolved into the Greek Orthodox Church and still exists today.

When was St. Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church created?

St. Nicholas Byzantine Catholic Church was created in 1918.

What church is the center of Byzantine Empire?

The Eastern Orthodox Church.

What was the name of the church in the Byzantine Empire after the schism?

The Orthodox Church

What church prospered in the Byzantine Empire?

Greek Orthodox Church