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How was the Caribbean affected by World War 2?

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The Caribbean played an important part for the British Emipre during WW2. Many suffered, cried and mourn in hunger praying for the war to end. In Trinidad, the basic food items of the locals was hit by savage rations and relief. The shortage of flour and potatoes was substituted by cavasa flour and edible roots. Caribbean nationals had to work twice as hard to strengthen the empire. The level of crime have reached a heigh that notorious criminals such as Boysie Singh comitted mass murders to many. Prostitution, illegal gambling and drugs was rampant in Port of Spain. Although Trinidad had it better than most of the caribbean, the toll of the people suffered under the plantation rules. The children of the indentured was in shambles and race barriers became violent. If Britain had lost the war, surly the entire Caribbean would be wiped out by the Nazi Tyranny or may be our race would be gassed and burn in the crematoriums as that of the constantration camps of Poland and Germany. The Caribbean was a major fighting force during WW2. In Trinidad the oilfiels was a major concern for Germany. Many German Submarines striked at the Caribbean merchant ships in order to prevent fuel reaching the 8th British Army in Egypt. As the Royal West Indian Regiment was disbanded, Many West Indians served in the Royal Air Force, the Royal Canadian Air Force and was intergrated into the white British army, such as the 8th Army, the Lancaster Regiment and the Grenadier Guards. I knew of a couple of Trinidadians and Guyanese who were victims of Operation Market Garden. The Chaguaramas War Museum in Trinidad have all of your questions about this beautiful region.

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