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How was the Vietnam War related to the Cold War?

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2010-02-10 21:40:23

The Vietnam war was fought because The united states wanted

fixed Naval basses that would give it more influence in the south

china sea and Indian ocean. In order to do this they had to bolster

a corrupt South Vietnamese government as the outcome of an election

that was to be held was already clear (The Communists were going to

win hands down). America and Russia (The country that ruled the

USSR) had since the end of WW2 fought an Ideological Battle at the

same time each claiming that the other had intentions of invading.

This was of coarse a ridiculous proposition however it did make an

awful lot of money for arms manufacturers and gave the American tax

payer something to spend their money on. The reason used for

American involvement in the Vietnam war was to stop the world from

being taken over by communist's. As it turns out when the

Vietnamese finally threw the USA out of Vietnam they had to put of

conquering the world for a while in order to give their people a

reasonable standard of living, which is all they wanted in the

first place.

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