How was the atomic bomb made?

Updated: 9/11/2023
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The United States, with assistance from the United Kingdom and Canada, designed and built the bombs under the codename Manhattan Project naming Robert Opperheimmer head of the team. You could see the basic diagrams of the bomb but the specific specifications remain classified.

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Q: How was the atomic bomb made?
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Who did the atomic bomb?

China made the Atomic Bomb, no china did not make the atomic bomb. the united states made the abomb and it was called the mannhattan project

Why did they make the Atomic Bomb?

the atomic bomb was made to end the world war 2

Why did they make atomic bomb?

the atomic bomb was made to end the World War 2

What new bomb was made after the atomic bomb by the us?

The hydrogen bomb.

Was the atomic bomb made by Albert?


What year was the first atom bomb made?

The first atomic bomb was made August 1945. My ? to you is," Why did they even start making those atomic bomb anyway?

Who was president when the atomic bomb was made?

Franklin Roosevelt- but he died before the atomic bomb was used. Harry Truman was the next president, and ordered the use of the atomic bomb.

When the nuke was made?

The first atomic bomb was made in 1945, the first hydrogen bomb was made in 1952.

Which country developed the atomic bomb?

We developed the first working atomic bomb but, GER. made up the idea.

When was the atomic bomb made and used?


Who made ethe atomic bomb?

The US .

What the atomic bomb made of?

Uranium and plutonium