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How was the day of colonial?

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They lived in the war between the Jamestown and the Yorktown. They had no clean water and the food is not so good. Liked a swampy muddy marshes in 1607. and colonists refusing orders from the investors

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Q: How was the day of colonial?
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What were the dress like for colonial men in colonial times?

very olden day

What are the colonial and territorial days in Kentucky?

their was not a colonial day

How long was a school day in colonial times?

the school day was about 5 hours a day

Does Mississippi have a colonial day?

Yes the do Elijah

What was the day of worship in Colonial America?

On tuesdays

What was a day of worship called in the colonial times?

the sabbath

What did the colonial people do on an ordinary day?

they grew crops

What did colonial workmen do on a day off?

In colonial times - and for some time after that - workmen had one day a week off - Sunday. It was used for rest, prayer, and being with family.

How was colonial and Afrikaner history been commemorated?

The colonial and Afrikaner history is usually commemorated annually during the Independence day.

Did colonial Maryland get snow?

They got about as much as current day.

What is a current day situation that relates to the colonial times?


How much did colonial tailors make?

About 50 cent a day.

What is a Colonial Christmas and when is it held?

A Colonial Christmas is a celebration to recognize Colonial times, which was considered the 1800's era. This celebration takes place at the same time as modern day Christmas.

What are facts about colonial Piedmont's in the back-country?

-the colonial people ate breakfast later if they were rich and ate earlier if they were poor -there was no lunch -dinner was the main big meal of the day -supper was very light and was leftovers from dinner -colonial clothes had no pockets! -they had to work all day to make food for that one day

What was a day in a colonial basket makers life like?

it is a colonial man or mostly women who made baskets a long time ago

What did colonial children do on a typical day?

Milked the cows and fed the chickens.

What date was the colonial or territorial day in Colorado?

June 18, 1221

What did the kids in colonial Maryland do for education?

They study every day in school

What did a colonial South Carolina tobacco farmer do in a day?

farm tobacco

What did children ages 6 to 8 in colonial times do with their day?


What has the author Pedro Rojas written?

Pedro Rojas has written: 'Epoca colonial' -- subject(s): Arquitectura colonial, Arte colonial, Spanish colonial Architecture, Spanish colonial Art 'The art and architecture of Mexico: from 10,000 B.C. to the present day' -- subject(s): Architecture, Mexican Art

What kind of geography did colonial New York have?

Colonial New York consisted of present day New York boundaries plus present day Vermont. Major cities were New York and Albany.

What are the release dates for Colonial House - 2004 Judgment Day 1-8?

Colonial House - 2004 Judgment Day 1-8 was released on: USA: 25 May 2004

What are the ratings and certificates for Battlestar Galactica - 2004 Colonial Day 1-11?

Battlestar Galactica - 2004 Colonial Day 1-11 is rated/received certificates of: Netherlands:12

What is an average day like for people in colonial new york?

the average day was bad for some people because they had to do many thing a day.