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Germany's economy had been failing since the end of the first world war. The people of Germany starved and fought to survive during the period between WWI and WWII. This is exactly how Hitler was able to rise into power because he offered the sick and tired German people a way to bring Germany back to its original glory and then some.

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How was the economy in Germany after the Holocaust?

After Holocaust Germany became a dead country.Noone ever wanted to go their so does the Jews.It effected the economy but they lost many people.

What were the Jews blamed for before the holocaust?

for losing the first world war and that they destroyed Germany economy and that they were rich and thief's

How was the Jews economy before the Holocaust?

in most of the countries effected by the Holocaust Jews contributed a disproportionately high proportion to the economy

How is albert Einstein connect to the Holocaust?

Einstuin left Germany in 1933 before the Holocaust began.

What was the economy in Germany after the Holocaust?

I guess you mean after the 2nd World War. In any case it was in ruins.

What happened to Germany's economy after the holocaust?

Germany's economy inflated after the holocaust.

Where did Anne Frank live before the Holocaust?

before the holocaust anne frank lived in Germany and she was born on June 12,1929♥♥

What does Germany have to do with the Holocaust?

Germany planned and carried out the Holocaust.

Who was there in the Holocaust?

Any Jews and Non germany aryan people who was Born atleast 15-16 years before the holocaust.

What was the economy like during and before the Holocaust?

It sounds to me as if you mean World War 2.

Where did Anne Frank and her family live before the Holocaust?

Anne Frank and her family lived in Germany before the Holocaust. They moved to the Netherlands in 1933 to escape the Nazis.

Did Germany support the Holocaust?

Yes, Nazi Germany was the creator of the Holocaust.

How many Jews were there in Germany before the Holocaust?

560,000 Jews Lived in Germany prior to the Hitler coming to power

How were the Jews' lives before the Holocaust in Germany?

They were pretty well off. Germany was one of the most liberal and safe places for Jews in Europe from the 1700s up until the Holocaust.

Where was the first Holocaust Ghetto in Germany?

there were no Jewish ghettos in Germany during the Holocaust.

What did the voters do in the Holocaust?

There were no elections in Germany in the Holocaust.

What were the years before the Holocaust like for the non-Jewish citizens in Germany?

They became jewish

What was Germany called during the holocaust?


What effect did the Holocaust have on the economy?

it damaged it.

Was Germany a nice place to live in before Hitler ruled?

Compared to today, no. The economy collapsed becaus of the global economy crises and Germany had to carry the damages of WW1.

Was the Holocaust in Europe or Germany?

Germany is in Europe, anyway.The Holocaust - the extermination of the Jews - was maonly carried out in Poland.

Who ruled Germany during the holocaust besides Hitler?

Hitler was the sole ruler of Germany during the Holocaust.

Is Germany famous for the Holocaust?

no on the contrary it is Infamous for doing the Holocaust

Which country started the Holocaust?

The country that began the holocaust was Germany

What countries were responsible for the Holocaust?

Germany is the country that made the holocaust

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