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After the Holocaust, in which 6 million Jews were murdered, the Jews continued to face massive antisemitism in Europe. Poles blamed the Jews for their troubles and pogroms in Poland murdered thousands. Jews sought a place where they would be safe from antisemitism, a place where they would not bother the rest of the world. Great Britain had a mandate on "Palestine" at the time and would split it into Transjordan(later to be named Jordan)and Palestine. The U.K. then allowed the UN to vote on how to split Palestine. The UN approved a Jewish state in parts of the land, and Israel was created. The nations of the world were more than happy to be rid of the Jews, and the Jews were more than happy to oblige. Ironically enough, calls of "go to Israel, Jew" from 60 years ago have turned into "get out of Israel, Jew" today.

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Q: How was the founding of Israel related to the Holocaust?
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How did the Holocaust contribute to the founding of the modern state of Israel?

The incredible barbarity of the Holocaust made the presence and lethality of Anti-Semitism painfully apparent to everyone in the world which allowed for Zionists and their supporters to more successfully advocate for a Jewish State in Israel.

Where has laws against Holocaust denial?

In places such as Germany and Israel, Holocaust Denial is illegal. Please See Related Links below.

When was The Founding Myths of Israel created?

The Founding Myths of Israel was created in 1995.

When was the founding of the nation of Israel?

The recent founding of the nation of Israel was on May 14, 1948 AD. However, the original founding of the Kingdom of Israel was around 1050 BC.

What the state of Israel response to the holocaust?

At the time of the Holocaust, the nation of Israel did not yet exist.

Why is iSRAEL a Jewish holocaust?

Israel is not a Jewish holocaust. No one in Israel has been systemically rounded up and put in to gas chambers.

How did the other Arab nations respond to the finding of Israel?

There is no such thing as the "finding" of Israel. Israel was never lost. If you mean to ask how the Arab Nations responded to the "Founding" of the State of Israel, please see the Related Question below.

What is a muesum in Israel?

One of the museum's in Israel is 'The Holocaust' which is about WWII.

Did the Holocaust start in Israel?

yes, in a sense. The modern state of Israel did not exist at the time of the Holocaust, Israel then only had one meaning: the Jewish people. Ie. all Jews were part of Israel.

What happened to Israel after the holocaust?

It was created.

How did the Holocaust play a role for Israel?

The Holocaust gave Zionism an increased support.

How did the holocaust change the world view of Israel?

At this time there was no state called 'Israel', but it refered to the people. The Holocaust changed the world view in that there was more sympathy for there to be a state for the people of Israel.

How many Holocaust survivors moved to Israel after the Holocaust?

My Grandmother and Grandfather moved there after the Holocaust. They were Holocaust survivors.Prior to the Establishment of the State of Israel, the US pressured Britain to allow 100,000 Jews held up in Cyprus to Palestine. The overwhelming majority were Holocaust Survivors. Additionally, according to Israeli Statistics, between 1948-1952, Israel absorbed 373,852 Holocaust Survivors.

Did Israel help the Jews at the time of the Holocaust?

At the time, Israel didn't exist.

What nation was created in response to the Holocaust?


What nation was created as a result of the holocaust?


How was the creation of the state of Israel affected by the events of the holocaust?

The atrocities suffered by the Jews during the Holocaust encouraged the Allied powers to push for the formation of Israel.

What was the founding place of Christianity?

The city of Jerusalem, Israel.

What was the impact of the Holocaust on history?

The country of Israel probably exists today only because there was a Holocaust.

What is a famous movie about Israel?

"Exodus" is the classic Otto Preminger movie about the founding of the country of Israel.

What is a word starting with the letter I that deals with the Holocaust?


Is Israel where families found each other during the Holocaust?

NO, Israel was the name for the Jewish people. According to Judaism, when the Messiah comes, he will create a state which will be called Israel, it will be roughly where mortal gentiles thought that they had the right to call their state 'Israel', but this happened after the Holocaust.

What good has from the Holocaust?

The holocaust was the primary reason that many of the surviving Jewish people in Europe returned to Israel and recreated the nation of Israel in 1948. ___ No good whatsoever, absolutely none.

How did World War 2 affect Israel?

because of the holocaust

What was the point of establishing Israel?

To make a homeland for the Jews after the Holocaust. == ==