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How was the gluestick invented?

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a momy and a daddy gluestick really liked the mom took off her top and they made sweet gluestick love.

2007-09-15 23:34:43
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Q: How was the gluestick invented?
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What does baton de colle mean?


What is gluestick in French?

un bâton de colle

What does un baton de colle mean?

a gluestick

How do you spell gluestick in french?

le bâton de colle

How do you say gluestick in french?

un bâton de colle

How many inches is a gluestick?

Most gluesticks are 4 " long.

What is gluestick in German?

English: "The glue stick" is German "Der Klebstift" or "Der Klebestift".

Will glue stick to duct tape?

The glue from the gluestick will for a few minutes you guys need to answer these Questions

What are gluesticks in German?

Gluestick = Klebestift Or, more commonly used, 'Kleber'. However, this refers to glue in general.

What are all of the spies in NERDS names and codenames?

Duncan Dewey a.k.a Gluestick, Matilda Choi a.k.a Wheezer, Jackson Jones a.k.a Braceface, Julio Escala a.k.a Flinch, and Ruby Peet a.k.a Pufferfish

What are the names of the nerds in the book nerds?

The names of all the recruits of National Espionage of Rescue and Defense Society are Ruby Peet "Pufferfish", Duncan Dewey "Gluestick", Heathcliff Hodges "Choppers", Julio Escala "Flinch", Matilda Choi "Wheezer", Jackson Jones "Braceface".

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How do you unstick mint postage stamps that have got damp and are stuck together?

Just throw them in a bowl of water. After several hours, place them on a sheet of wax paper with a page of newspaper above and below the wax. Let them dry overnight. Use a gluestick to adhere the stamps to an envelope when ready to post.

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