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How was the gun invented?

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i belive it was invented around nipolien's time and in a man was just thought of it and made it like you would sometimes do with things but it was a succes


the gun was used by the spanish and russians ,vlad the impaler had a hand cannon wat went down as the first gun , later ,, hernan cortez,the french musketeers,ivan the terrible all had a musket . the gun was used to kill all the aztekz .cause theyve never seen it before , they didnt no how to fight agaisnt it , bows wouldnt work that great seeing cortez's army wore bronze armor , even the ming warriors had there own gun

hope this helped

2012-02-01 20:40:55
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Q: How was the gun invented?
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when did gun was invented?

the 10th century

What country was the gun invented in?

The gun was invented it china

Who invented the speed gun?

do you know who invented the speed gun

Who invented Gun pwoeder?

Gun POWDER was invented by the Chinese

Why was gun powder invented?

Gun powder was invented for military affairs.

What year was the first gun was invented?

1115 is when the first gun was invented

When was the nail gun invented?

The nail gun was invented in the 1950's

Who invented the water gun?

Lonnie Johnson invented the first water gun.

When was nail gun invented?

The nail gun was invented in the early 1950's

Why was the gun first invented?

The first gun was invented to use in wars or battles.

When was fireworks and gun powder invented?

Fireworks and Gun Powder was invented in the 9th century. it was invented by Li Tian.

Who invented the six shooter hand gun?

who invented the six shooter hand gun

Who in invented gun powder in china?

Gun powder was invented in China in the year 1044 AD.

Who invented the maxim gun?

The Maxim gun was invented by invented by the American-born British Inventor Sir Hiram Maxim in 1884.

When was the water gun invented?

The water gun was 1988.

Who invented the gattling gun?

The Gatling gun (with one T) was invented by Richard Gatling, for whom it is named.

Who invented the staple gun?

Morris abrams invented it

Why was gun shooting invented?

During and after guns were invented.

How were the fireworks invented?

the chines invented them with gun powder

Who invented a gun?

I believe it was Da vinci he invented the first pistol but the Chinese invented the cannon or rockets and but the first gun was invented in Egypt in the mid 1200's

Who invented the M60?

M60 is a machine gun invented M60LMG- invented by unknown M60C-invented by American M60D-invented in America M60GPMG-American machine gun developed from German MG42

When was the gun invented?


Who invented gun powder?

The Chinese invented gun powder!*****************It was indeed discovered in China, and rapidly spread to other countries of the region.The Chinese invented it.

Who and when was the Gatling Gun invented?

Dr. Richard Gatling invented the gatling gun in 1861 and obtained a patent in 1862.

Who invented the first BB Gun?

The oldest known air rifle gun was invented by Girandoni of Vienna about 1780, for the Austrian Army. Daisy is credited for invented the first BB gun around 1895.