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Hitler's final solution was his attempt to kill all the Jews in Europe and the Holocaust is what the genocide of the Jews during this time is called.


(in an attempt to clarify)

The Final Solution is what it was called in its own time.

The Holocaust is what we call it looking backwards to that time.

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What was Hitlers final solution-?

Hitler's stated "Final solution" was the elimination of Jews. [It comes from 'The Final Solution to the Jewish question'].

What was the final solution in the history of the holocaust?

Hitlers Final Solution was to committ genocide on all the Jews in Europe.

What was hitlers final soulution for the Jews of Europe?

The Final Solution for the Jews was death.

Hitlers Final Solution?

mass killing of all the jews

What was Hitlers final soulution?

The final solution refers to Hitler's "solution" to the Jewish question which involved killing millions of Jews.

Are labor camps part of the final solution?

No, the Final Solution was Hitlers plan to get rid of the Jewish people. Concentraion camps.

What was the goal of the final solution-?

There was one goal that Hitler had for the final solution. Hitlers goal was to get rid of all the people that was not like him.

Hitlers plan to exterminate all jews?

Was called the final solution.

Did the final solution stop?

The final solution was Hitlers plan to kill all of the Jews. His plan was stopped when Germany lost WW2.

How were the concentration camps part of hitlers final solution?

They were not really, they were pre-existing infrastructure which was utilised in part. Extermination camps were the main part of the final solution.

Why were ghettos significant?

because they were one of the main causes of the Holocast. With the ghettos being so over crowded, the Nazis had to create their 'Final Solution'.

How did some non Jews oppose Hitlers final solution?

they didnt like it genocide never did

What was Hitler's final solution and what agency was to carry it out?

Hitlers Final Solution was a plan to kill all jews. Every one who supported Nazis carried it out, from special forces to civilians.

What was hitlers hatred towerd the Jews called?

Hitler's hatred did not have a name, but his plan was called, "The Final Solution."

What was Hitler's first choice of trying to isolate the Jews?

In all the writings regarding the "final solution" Madagascar was Hitlers first choice for exiling the Jews.

What Nazi action marked the final stage of the Final Solution?

The final stage of the Final Solution consisted of gassing, shootings, killing two-thirds of European Jewry.-----There's some confusion in the question. The Final Solution was the final stage of Nazi persecution of the Jews. See related question below.

What was Hitler's plan called to eliminate European Jews?

It was called the Final Solution of the Jewish Question(or Final Solution).Please see the related question for more detail.

How did some non-jews opposed hitlers final solution?

They helped Jews escape and hid them in their homes risking their own life's or they helped them escape to neutral countries

What was Hitler idea of a master race was?

Killing of the Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, Disabled people, Non-Germans were all part of Hitlers "Final Solution." Racist Bas%ard

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