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How was the issue of slavery solved by the delegates?

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some might got to the north side and some didn't because king the 3th want the freedom from them......

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Explain the positions of both the northern delegates and the southern delegates on the issue of enslaved Africans?

southern delegates is for slavery they were trying to keep it. northern delegates is against slavery they were trying to get rid of it.

What issue did the Convention delegates refuse to settle in 1787?


What State's rights issue was solved by Civil War?

At the end of the US Civil War, a previous issue with regards to slavery was solved. The 13th Amendment was passed in late 1865 abolishing slavery.

Was slavery a moral issue that could have been solved through legislative compromise?

Slavery was not something you could half-abolish.

What issue did the convention of delegates refuse to settle in 1787?

There were several, but I bet the one you're thinking of was slavery.

How could the issue of slavery in the US been solved without war?

The issue of slavery could have been solved without war by people realizing that all people are equal no matter the color of their skin. If people realized this, then the slaves would have been let go with no problems.

What is the issue about slavery that split up the northern and southern delegates?

the issue is that some people were for slavery, and some were not...the north was mostly opposed and the south was all for it, thats why there are so many african americans in the south today

Did delegates views differ on the issue of the foreign slave trade?

Delegates viewed them differently because some believed slavery was wrong and others believed they needed slaves for the South.

How did the delegates to the Constitutional Convention deal with slavery?

By counting 60% of slaves for the purposes of representation and taxes. All delegates to the Convention recognized that this was an imperfect compromise to a difficult issue, but many of the delegates redesigning American government didn't want to deal with slavery at all. by counting 60% for all slaves--APEX

Why did the delegates have to compromise on slavery?

the southern delegates would not have signed.

What did the delegates to the constitutional convention do when they were forced to deal with slavery?

They eventually compromised and did not specifically address the issue of slavery. For the census, they decided to count slaves as being 3/5 of a person.

How did the Constitutional Convention delegates decide to handle the slave trade?

The delegates knew that the slavery issue could prevent the Constitution from ever being ratified, and the states would have never become a nation. Therefore, they decided to mostly ignore the issue and put off the major decisions to another day. The slave trade was to be banned after 1820, more than 30 years in the future for the delegates; but no plan was made for any eventual end to slavery. One historian noted that when the delegates put off the slavery issue for "another day," that day was the Civil War; a very bad day indeed. The consequences of failing to deal with slavery -- a huge war with nearly 700,000 dead -- are a lesson about what happens when a government decides to do nothing about a terrible issue that must be dealt with.

What did the delegates do to vote on slavery?

Once the delegates starting discussingpopulation, the issue of slavery came up. Should enslaved people be counted in a state's population? Many Northern state's wanted to end slavery. Most southern state's, which had many slaves' wanted slavery to continue. Finally a compromise was reached. Every five slaves , or people " bound to service," would be counted as three. In addition, the delegates agreed to end slave with other countries in 1808.

What did the delegates at the Annapolis Convention decide to do?

The delegates at the Annapolis Convention declared slavery to be unconstitutional.

What issue made peace with Texas and Mexico?

It never solved the slavery question. The most serious consecuence was the American Civil War (1861 - 1865)

Could the colonies labor problem have been solved without slavery?

Could the colonies labor problem have been solved without slavery?

When was slavery in issue in the south?

No it was not an issue their!

Who were all the delegates at the Constitutional Convention?

the abolition of slavery

Convention delegates refuse to settle in 1787?


What was the issue of expansion of slavery?

The issue of expansion of slavery was its expansion and growth into Western territories.

Why did the northern and southern delegates have different ideas about slavery?

the northern and the south delegates have different ideas about slavery because the southern needed slaves and the northern did not

The South looked at slavery as an economic issue The North viewed slavery as what kind of issue?

The South looked at slavery as an economic issue. The North viewed slavery as a moral issue. In the North, slavery was proving to be unprofitable in the North and was dying out by the end of the American Revolution, but in the South white Southerners were increasingly more defensive of slavery.

What issues did the convention delegates refuse to settle in 1787?


Was slavery an issue?

Yes slavery was and still is an issue in many countries (both legal and illegal).

Why was the issue of slavery a nightmare abomination?

the issue of slavery is so wrong and causes disgust in many

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