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How was the map of Europe re-drawn after World War 1?



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With the collapse of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Russia, and the Ottoman Empire, the map of Europe had to be almost entirely redrawn after the War. In place of the old empires, new nations representing different identities were born.
Among other means, WW1 changed the map of Europe through the disbanding of empires (e.g. Austro-Hungarian), loss of territory (e.g. Germany gave up territory to Poland and Czechoslovakia), the formation of new countries (e.g. Austria, Hungary, Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia) and the transfer in ownership of colonies (e.g. Germany's and Turkey's) to the League of Nations.

Note: previous answer claiming a causal connection between bombing and earthquakes has no scientific basis

Due to some areas being largely bombed, the vibrations in the earth's upper layer caused earthquakes. In turn these relatively unknown Quakes Changed landscapes whether it have been Land breaking off and joining Other Countries or continents or just forming hills or dichtes.

Also, due to land being conquered by the German Wehrmacht (army) The map was changed, Then when the treaty of Versailles was Bestowed upon Germany The land they Had used for military purposes (The rhineland) was taken away and given to any neighbouring countries. This also changed the map.