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The next pharaoh was the oldest son of the pharaoh before him. If the old pharaoh had no sons, it would be the oldest daughter.

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Q: How was the next pharaoh chosen?
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How is the pharoh chosen?

the pharaohs weren't chosen the new pharaoh was next in line for the throne. If you were next in line you had royal blood royal blood is the son or daughter of the previous pharaoh.

How were Ancient Egyptian government officials chosen?

it was chosen by "god". the first born son of the pharaoh would be pharaoh next in line because it is believed that the first born son is chosen by god.

How is a new pharaoh picked or chosen?

The Pharaoh is chosen by the closest male descendant of the last Pharaoh, or if there is no-one in the family left to take the Pharaoh's place, a new Pharaoh is chosen by the good looking royal priests.

How were pharaohs chosen?

The pharaoh was the eldest son of the previous pharaoh. The pharaoh of ancient Egypt were the supreme leaders of the land.

How did they determine the first pharaoh of Ancient Egypt?

The pharaoh was chosen through the family.It was the daughters husban

How did government officials in Egypt get their jobs?

They were chosen by the pharaoh

How is a pharaoh chosen?

In order to become Pharaoh, you had to be the son/daughter of the reigning Pharaoh. When your father died, the oldest would take his place and began their reign.

How did the pharaoh become pharaoh?

a pharaoh became a pharaoh because the people would say if he wants to lead he would become pharaoh and then because they would say if he is chosen by the gods he should have as much power as a god.

Is Pharaoh a proper noun in the context of the next pharaoh?

No it is not a proper noun.

How did egyptians select their pharaohs?

When the pharaoh died, the oldest would take his place. The son of the pharaoh usually was up for the spot next, but if the pharaoh didn't have a son, his younger brother or a husband of a sister would take the throne. A woman was once chosen because her son was too young and deprived of power.

If the Pharaoh did not have children who would become Pharaoh?

The next in line( usually his nephew)

Who was the next Pharaoh after Tutankhamun?

rames I

Why did the Egyptians believe that pharaoh was a god?

They beleived pharaohs were chosen by gods

Why was the pharaoh accepted for all the powers and rights he had?

Because the pharaoh always had a son or someone to take the throne and the people believed that they we chosen by the gods

How did the Egyptians pick out their king and queens?

The first pharaoh Narmer declared himself pharaoh over Egypt. The next pharaoh would always be a man and would be of the pharaoh's bloodline. If the pharaoh died early, a male cousin,nephew,etc,would be the next pharaoh. If the only man related to the pharaoh was not approved, the pharaoh would pick a different person, not always of bloodline. Once, a man became a pharaoh just for digging out the Great Spinx. So it wouldn't always be of bloodline.

Was Pharaoh a king?

No. The Egyptians believed that he was the supreme ruler chosen by the gods to lead his perople. The Egyptions also believed that when a man became the pharaoh, he also became a god

Why Moses chossen God?

Moses was chosen by God to see that Pharaoh released the Hebrew slaves.

How old was Thutmose III when he became Pharaoh?

No one knows all they know is that he was next to be pharaoh after his stepmother died '' Hatshepsut '' .

Who becomes pharaoh after the pharaoh dies?

The oldest/most responsible son of the most important wife becomes the next pharaoh. because pharaohs had many wives and children. Aten

Who became pharaoh and how?

The next person to become a pharaoh was the pharaoh's son. most pharaohs had many wives which meant many kids.

Why did they bury a boat next to the pharaoh?

In ancient Egypt, Pharaohs were sometimes buried with boats. This is because they were intended to be used by the pharaoh in the afterlife.

How did King Tutankhamun become a pharaoh?

his dad died and he was next in line

Did a pharaoh have to be of a certain age?

No. The pharaoh was a hereditary position, so if you were next in line when the previous one hopped it, you got the job straight away.

Why was Jonas chosen to be the next receiver of memory?

Jonas was chosen to be the next receiver of memory because of things like: Intelligence Integrity Courage Wisdom

How where the ancient Egyptian rulers chosen?

The pharaoh was a inherited title as long as a son was able to take the fathers place.