How was the war of 1812 involved in sectionalism?

The War of 1812 was popular in the Mid-Atlantic and Southern, and in the western states, but bitterly unpopular in New England. As soon as the Revolution had ended the Yankee merchants of New England resumed trading with Britain, and deeply resented the interruption of business this new war caused. A few years before the war, when Jefferson was president, he obtained from Congress The Embargo Act, which prohibited the US from trading with anyone. That was a disaster for the New England importers and exporters, and for the many sailing men and shipowners of that region, which went on several years, as sailors were idled and out of work and merchants went under. During the War of 1812 the merchants of New England continued almost uninterrupted a brisk, treasonable trade with the enemy, without which the British would have been unable to maintain their Army and Navy units in North America. New England was so disaffected by the war that they planned to secede from the Union, and went so far as to call a convention to put the plan of secession into action. But by the time the Hartford Convention met in 1815, the war had ended. so the plan was dropped.