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because yes

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Solon Thompson

2021-06-11 14:05:33

r u sure?

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How does wayang kulit communicate tales of everyday social and cultural relevance and interest?

Wayang Kulit depicts sociocultural relevance and interest through Shadow Puppet Theatre Plays and a singer called "Dalang".

What is the relevance of sociology?

The relevance of sociology is seen in the explanation of certain social behaviors. This will focus on the origin and development of these social behaviors.

The Social Relevance of The Zoo Story be Edward Albee?

The main social relevance in the story called The Zoo Story is to be antisocial. It depicts isolation, loneliness, and miscommunication.

With which social media platform does Mass Relevance partner with?

The social media platform that Mass Relevance partners with is Twitter, which is the second best and most used social networking site in the US, after Facebook.

What is the social relevance of el filibusterismo and noli you tangere?


How do you communicate using social networking?

You type to talk to communicate

What discovery or social change could be responsible for an emerging fifth social revolution?

Social media can be considered a fifth social revolution. Social media has changed the way people communicate and who they communicate with.

What is the social condition in the last leaf by o'henry?

The social relevance is to sacrifice. And never wish to be die because its a big sin.

What is the relevance of anthropology in nursing?

The relevance of anthropology in nursing helps the nurses to understand humans well. This is a study of a person's past and present in accordance to their social background.

How does technology affect in social aspects?

In some respects technology improves social relations, especially internationally. However in everyday life people may communicate just through phones instead of speaking. This could make people more unsociable.

What do humans interact with everyday?

neural mechanisms that allow people to understand everyday social interaction. .... When people interact in a social context

What are three criteria for a good scientific question?

feasibility, social importance, scientific relevance

Elements of social control in everyday life include?

There are 4 major elements of social structure that effect everyday life. These elements include institutions, social groups, statuses, and roles.

What is the social importance of language?

To express oneself. To communicate.

When is the pursuit of self-interest in the social interest?

when something of your self interest benefits the society.

Why was social network made?

social networks were made for people to communicate with people through the internet.

What are the dangers of online social networking?

A social network can let a person communicate with other people.

What does social networks mean?

social sites where you can communicate with people like face book or twitter

A degree in social justice will obtain what type of job? go to "careers" and type in "social justice". it will generate a list of over 80 possibilities according to relevance with social justice.

Are different social media more appropriate for communicating with employees?

to communicate with your employees I don't think using the existing social medias is appropriate. You can communicate through emails or through an intranet. You can also communicate using sharepoint, or You can keep in touch with them through social media if you are outside the office already.

What is a convention?

A convening of members of an interest group in which topics of interest or concern may be formally discussed and appropriate courses of action planned. A social convention may also involve informal social discussion and social activities revolving around tpoics of interest from a social aspect.

What does 5 points of interest mean in social studies?

what does points of interest mean

What are social insects which communicate through a system of dancing?


When is the pursuit of self-interest in the social-interest in the globalisation?

When your interest benefits the society directly and indirectly.

What has the author Jack D Douglas written?

Jack D. Douglas has written: 'Investigative social research' 'Observations of deviance' 'Defining Amercia's social problems' 'The relevance of sociology' 'American social order'