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god yuo so ugly man you do not know pees that is so last year man tell me why i

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Q: How well are people treated in the Dominican Republic?
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What can you do in Dominican Republic?

Well, In Dominican Republic you can do a lot of stuff ; you can get your Driving lessens when you are 14 years old but, in Dominican Republic you reallydont need your driving lessens. you can just buy your car and enjoy it. Polices are actually unusual in Dominican republic. Something else you can do is ; Enjoy! :)

What plants are on the Dominican Republic?

Well the natural plant on the Dominican republic is a caoba these are the rarest plants we don't have really none in Tuscon but these end up in a tropical weather.

Who is on the 50 centavos dollar in the Dominican Republic?

Well it's acually 50 centavos peso not dollar and the Dominican Republic doesn't use those any more

Who is the best dominican singer?

The best Dominican Singer in the Dominican Republic is Juan Luis Guerra, he's well known all around the world.

What is the main religon in Santo Dominago Dominican Republic?

The main religion in Santo Domingo as well as the rest of the Dominican Republic is Roman Catholicism. Roman Catholicism is a derivation of Christianity.

What sport is really popular in Dominican Republic?

Well I am from there and basically baseball is the popular sport in the Dominican Republic. I don't know all of the teams but, I do know two of them: Licey and Aguilas.

What does Dominican Republic celebrates?

well it celebrates the same celebrations like Canada

Where is Hati on the map?

well hati is on the same island as the dominican republic and is not far from Florida

What is a famous building in Dominican Republic?

Well i am from Dominica R. Famous is just a famamous.

What are the inhabitants of the Dominican Republic?

The Dominican Republic is inhabited mostly by people of mixed European and African origins. Western influence is seen in the colonial buildings of the capital, Santo Domingo, as well as in art and literature. African heritage is reflected in music. The two heritages blend in the popular song and dance, the merengue.

How many dominicans are currently in mayor league baseball?

There are well over 50 current MLB players that were born in the Dominican Republic. Instead of listing them all here I have included a link on this page called 'Dominican Born Ballplayers'. If you click on the link, not only will you see the current Dominican born players but all players who played in MLB that were born in the Dominican Republic.

What foods do people eat in dominican republic?

Well they eat alot of diffrent foods. One desert is called Dulce de coco

How many beaches in Dominican Republic?

Dominican Republic boasts more than 200 beaches and those are too attractive to visit actually. Well, Caribbean island is one of my favorite place which I have been a few months ago. We all enjoyed a lot there and I found many more exciting excursions to see, amazing bike rides through FunTrip2. I must suggest this place for you also because I think you will definitely enjoyed a lot with natural environment and beaches.

Do people still eat Johnny cake?

Yes indeed, the food originates from the indigenous people of North America. It is still eaten in the West Indies, Dominican Republic, Saint Croix, The Bahamas, Colombia, and Bermuda as well as in the U.S and Canada.

Is Cuba in the west indies?

Yes, Cuba is in the west Indies; hence Cubans are "west indians" contrary to what they say. So are Jamaicans and Haitians and the people of the Dominican Republic as well as Puerto Rico.

What is the Dominican Republic custom?

well the only custom i know is the custom when u adjust something to ur own comfort

How long does it take to fly from dc to dominican republic?

well i don't no where dc is but it does take 9 hours frm England

What are some geographic facts about Dominican Republic?

Ask Wikipedia at and check out or for "Dominican Republic" You might want to see coordinates (there is a site for that) or view the CIA Factbook page which gives all the background. For location, check first at and will serve you well Gari

Where do the hispanic's in Los Angeles come from?

Well, if they're "Hispanic" they come from Spain, however there are many different types Latin people in Los Angeles and they are all from different Latin countries such as Puerto Rico, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, etc. Not just one. Well, if they're "Hispanic" they come from Spain, however there are many different types Latin people in Los Angeles and they are all from different Latin countries such as Puerto Rico, Mexico, the Dominican Republic, etc. Not just one.

How do animals in Dominican Republic look like?

I assumed that you mean animals in silvester fauna. Well there is not any dangerous animals in the dominican republic. Some of the only animals you can find are: Birds, Chickens, Snakes, Frogs, Mosquitoes, ants and spiders. But no one of they are poisoning. They do not exist poisoning for animals bites in the island, so people can even be in the forest very secure. So diferent to the rests of other countries.

Can I Fly US to the Dominican Republic with expired Dominican passport?

I think so . My Mom did that and she got her new one in the DR :)With the cost of airfare these days, it would be well worth updating the passport before you leave.

What is the usual climate for Dominican Republic?

Since Dominican republic is located in the carribean sea, it has a subtropical maritime climate with warmer climate which ranges from the 70's to the 90's throughout the year. At higher elevations you can find lower temperatures like Mt Constanza, where the temperatures can come down to freezing as well. Rainy Season in Dominican republic is from May to November, and the island can see some hurricane activity during the late summer months.

Are avocados made in dr?

Yes, avocados are produced in the Dominican Republic (DR). However, they are also grown in many other countries as well.

How were the Japanese people treated in the relocation camps at Manzanar?

Treated well, but as prisoners.

Where is the Playa Dorada golf course?

The Playa Dorada golf course is located in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. The golf course is nestled in on the Northern coast of the Dominican Republic. Well kept greens, and flat ground make for outstanding play. Not to mention a light ocean breeze to cool of avid golfers.